Ramada Benoa Resort – Benoa, Bali, Indonesia

Ramada Benoa Resort
Benoa, Bali, Indonesia
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The Ramada Benoa is located north of Nusa Dua on the lovely coastal area of the SE Bukit peninsula. The entrance to the Ramada is a large traditional roofed open air lobby with a centrally located bar. The check in desk is off to the side. Walking around this resort there was an air of relaxation with plenty of shade and a tropically themed pool area.

  • Atmosphere
    The Ramada is a 5 star resort and its atmosphere is of a relaxed upmarket hospitality. I talked to 2 of the front desk staff who were eager to show me around and answer questions. Most of the staff are local Balinese and are familiar with the expectations of resort goers.
  • Location
    The Ramada resort and spa is located on Jalan Pratama in Benoa, 5 minutes away from Nusa Dua. The resort is 20 minutes from the airport and 25 minutes from Kuta. Benoa sits on the SE side of the Bukit peninsula. It does get surf on the point but has sheltered area where swimming is safe. The whole Nusa Dua / area is like a giant manicured garden and Benoa is a short ways to the north. The Ramada is situated near the top of the point.
  • Luxury Scale
    This hotel is a 5-star resort and is equiped with 195 guestrooms and 15 luxury villas. Mind your head when entering a villa, low doorways!

    The resort has 2 restaurants, a lounge, pool bar and beach bar as well ballroom and boardroom facilties. I like the way the restaurants and lobby area have plenty of fresh air flowing through in traditional style.

    I checked the villas out and they are comfortable and come with a large bed and jucuzzi. The guestrooms have a great view of the beach and come with double / single beds and arm chairs.

  • Staff Friendliness
    The first I talked to Erwin, from the front desk provided me with brochures and explained the style of the hotel. He said it was a partly traditional partly modern style. As you enter the lobby staff are waiting to assist you and seemed pretty positive. Right in front of you is the lounge bar staffed by 3 ladies, to the right several helpful staff maintain the front desk. Of course the staff have been trained and follow their routine, but Erwin and Phina, the fellow who showed me around were quite relaxed in offering their opinions.



  • Weird Stuff
    The Benoa area used to be a small fishing village and the locals still carry out their ceremonies. As I was arriving I saw a procession of ladies returing from the temple after delivering their offerings.

    While walking around the property you will notice various rock structures and statues that give a very ethnic impression.

  • What makes this hotel unique?
    The unique quality of this hotel is probably the pool area, which is designed with traditional shelters for relaxing poolside. There are a lot of shady places to relax on the property and this is very pleasant.
  • Why would you want to stay here?
    If you are on a short vacation, say less than10 days and want instant access to quality rooms, fine dining in a tropical environment with all the mod cons, the Ramada will work for you. Situated right on the beach it has easy access to watersports, fishing as well as a spa featuring traditional and modern treatment. Also there are activities for the kids.

    A couple would enjoy the Ramada as relaxation, activities and a little romance are what this place is designed for.

    Using the Ramada as your base to explore the other parts of the island is easy too. The Bukit peninsula is very traditional and until fairly recently didn’t have a tarmac road for access to the mainland. Day trips to Ubud ( 60 minutes ) and Tanah Lot (45 minutes) are easy to arrange.

  • Why would you want to stay somewhere else?
    If you were on a longer length trip, 1 month or more you would be better off moving around the island and exploring using a selection of hotels rather than returning to the same one everyday.

    For someone wanting to interact with local people and experience the culture without having to pay for it via cultural dances etc. you would be advised to get out of the Nusa Dua / Kuta area and into one of the less touristy parts of the island.

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