Travel Agents

Major tourist areas in Bali have a selection of travel agents. But is it really worth it to wait until you get there to start talking to an expert? Given the fact that airline seat are in short supply on certain international routes from Bali, one will often find the cheaper airlines such as Garuda to be fully booked, but if you talk to an expert travel agent well in advance, chances are you will be able to get those last cheap seats. Day trips can be arranged a day in advance if you use a local travel agent but you can book them when you decide where to stay if you use a travel agent.

Local travel agents have rather limited “powers” when it comes to helping an international travel. Although those do come in handy, it’s much easier for a first time traveler to Bali to book the vacation via an expert travel agent. Most of times, finding a travel agent who specializes in Bali will make the difference between an enjoyable holiday and a frustration one.