Gilimanuk: The port to Java

Travellers visiting Bali may be tempted to visit Java, the attractions being Mt. Bromo in east Java, Solo and Yogyakarta in Central Java. The way I got to java back in 1993, was to take a bus from Kuta, out through Negara, to the port of Gilimanuk.

Most people don’t hang around in Gilimanuk, as it doesn’t offer much, except cheap guest houses and a warungs. Trucks drivers heading across country are the main customers. If you do have to spend a night in Gilimanuk, here is some of the stuff that’s available. Nusantara 2 – located next to Gilimanuk Bay, just 5 minutes from ferry terminal.

The actual port area in Gilimanuk may not be the best for accommodation, due to the volume of truck drivers going though. Just 15 minutes away though are several places to stay:
Kartika Candra
Nusantara 1




These places are all cheap guest houses located on the main road. About 2m south of the port, are 2 decent places, Hotel Sari (0365) 61264, has cheap rooms. Pondok Wisata Lestari (0365) 61504, basic with, some with AC.

There are nice views from Gilimanuk of East Java and its volcanoes. Should you get restless and just decide this is not the place for you, ferries run every 20 minutes, the crossing takes just 30 minutes.

Gilimanuk has one very good place to eat, Warung Men Tempeh and the grilled chicken is supposed to be worth the trip. This warung is open from 10am-4pm.

Driving time to Gilimanuk from Kuta, is about 3-4 hours.

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