Amed to Ujung: Where to stay

Amed is usually thought of as the furthest point in East Bali. Its definitely one of the quietest places, and one people head for when they want to relax. Looking at a map of the Amed area, that is, Amed going down the coast till Selang, one might wonder where to stay. The road heading around that part of the coast, actually goes the whole way around to Ujung, and is a great adventure for an afternoon. The route is hilly, the road narrow but safe, and the locals very friendly, often stopping and waving. After Selang, the tourist industry basically stops and then its all local. I have stayed in 3 places along the coast they are all very different.

Amed Cafe
The Amed Cafe is a guest house-like place on a busy little section of the street in Jemeluk. Amed Cafe: on the hill and beach. Breakfast is included and the small pool is great to relax in. The prices are higher but good facilities. Sunday 19:00 Balinese dance is held. Internet access is 500rp per minute, but is slow dial up.

There is a small pool and the price is nice. This place sits on the hill side of the road overlooking the ocean. Around 70,000rp for fan room. 80/100,000, AC rooms

Who is it good for? Amed Cafe is good for people on a limited budget.
Who it is not good for? Amed Cafe is not good for people wanting a romantic hideaway, or spacious place. Rooms are small and tightly packed.




Good Karma
Good Karma is located at the same location as Blue Moon Villas, except that Blue Moon is on the Cliff and Good Karma is on the beach. You can access Good Karma by the driveway, or the long set of steps that lead back up to the road. Good Karma is a cool little place made rustic style from bamboo. I’ve stayed here twice. Probably looking at 150,000rp per room.

Who is it good for? Good Karma is good for people on a budget who want a simple, quiet, rustic place, with no frills.
Who it is not good for? Good Karma is not good for people who need luxury, air con, or a swimming pool.

Seraya Shores
Seraya Shores is a very lovely boutique place just east of Ujung. Located on the beach its as close to paradise as you’ll come. I’ve stayed here a few times and love it. $50 a night, or thereabouts.

Who is it good for? Seraya Shores is good for people wanting to enjoy tropical serenity. Its mid range in price and has a pool. You don’t need air con as the ocean breezes keep it cool. Simple luxury will make a very romantic spot for couples and a great place to relax with a small group.
Who it is not good for? Seraya Shores is not good for large noisy groups. There’s no night life here and sometimes the rooms might be already booked, due to the popularity of the place.

The drive from Amed around the SE part of the coast to Ujung will take 3-4 hours. Its not a quick trip, so if you are arriving late in the day, say around 5pm, bear in mind sunset will be around 6.30pm. If you prefer just to visit the area during the day and stay elsewhere, here is a selection of accommodation in East Bali.

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