Accommodation on Poppies Lane II Kuta Bali

Poppies Lane II in Kuta is jammed with guesthouses and hotels, and most of them are simple places that can’t be booked online in advance. During most times of the year you can arrive bags in hand and find a room that suits your budget. You may not get a room at the top place on your list, but you should be able to get a similar room for a similar price not far away.

During peak travel season and especially if you arrive late in the day you might have more trouble. It’s worth considering booking your first night at one of the places in Kuta that does confirm reservations online. If you like it there you can probably stay, but if you intend to find a cheaper and simpler place for the rest of your stay it gives you a big advantage. You can put your bags away in your room and then march up and down the streets until you find the place you like best for the rest of your stay.

For places that can be booked online see the main Bali hotels page and use the search tool at the top of that page.

For more information on places to stay one block to the south see our Accommodation on Poppies Lane I page.

Below is a complete list of the places in this dense tourist area starting with the cheapest:

Ronta FrontRonta Bungalows ( 0361 754246)
Gang Ronta, Poppies Lane II

Another low budget place with decent rooms and management. I stayed there for a month when I first arrived and would recommend this place to anyone on a budget that wants a clean, affordable place with no extras.

20 rooms in 2 blocks, 2 levels each.

Rooms are quite large, white tile floors, fan, own bathroom, small porch with 2 chairs.

Located across from Jus Edith on the side street that leads to Poppies I.

1 Person 35,000rp 1 Night
2 Person 50,000rp 1 Night
Negotiable 1 Week

JusJus Edith Bungalows ( 0361) 750558
Gang Ronta, Poppies Lane II

This was the cheapest place I found as far as tourist accommodation in the Poppies II area. Located on the side street that runs perpendicular off of Poppies II from the Circle K close to Jl. Legian. Walk 30 meters and its on the left side.

There are around 20 rooms in each small cottages with twin beds, own bathroom, fan. There is a small central garden. Rooms are clean enough but not the best you can find. Okay for a night or 2 though. Close to budget food places and mini mart.

1 Person 25,000rp 1 Night
2 Person 35,000rp 1 Night
Negotiable 1 Week

ArthawanLosman Arthawan ( 0361 752913 )
Poppies Lane II

A low budget place consisting of a central garden and a couple of dozen basic rooms. Cleanliness varies and this isn’t the kind of place you’d want to come back to but maybe okay for a night or 2.

Rooms are simple, include breakfast, fan, bathroom.

Located behind Arthawan convenience store and across from Kori restaurant.

Single 30,000rp 1 Night
Double 40,000rp 1 Night
Triple 50,000rp 1 Night
Negotiable 1 Week

GoraGora Beach Inn ( 0361 752578 )
Poppies II Br. Pengabetan

Located 50 meters from Jl. Legian on the right side underneath Kondra internet cafe This place doesn’t look much from the tiny entrance but there are dozens of small cottages out back with basic amenities. Roomsare smaller than other places like Ronta but okay for a couple of nights, with fan. Central garden area and porches offer a place to relax and read.

Breakfast included.

Single 40,000rp 1 Night
Double 50,000rp 1 Night
Negotiable 1 Week
+10,000rp High season

Dua DaraDua Dara
Poppies Lane II.

Located across the street from Internet Outpost.

30 rooms on 3 levels. Very basic, no decoration, small smelly bathrooms.

Single 35,000 rp Fan Room
Double 50,000rp

Single 100,000rp AC Room
Double 125,000rp

No discount for 1 week.

SegaraSegara Sadhu Inn. ( 0361) 759909
Jl. Poppies II Gang 1 # 3A
[email protected]

Standard budget Bali guest house 3 minutes from Kuta Beach. There are 25 rooms on 2 levels. There is a central area between the 2 blocks of rooms which is quite relaxing with a small restaurant on the corner.

The location is on the same side as the vendors on Poppies II to the beach, down the narrow alley that is indicated by the ‘Risky Leather’ sign.

Western toilet, shower.

The rooms were very clean. Simple and pleasant. Breakfast is included.

1 Person 60,000rp (fan) 100,000rp (A/C) 1 Night
2 Person 80,000rp 1 Night
1 Person 400,000rp 1 Week
2 Person 550,000rp 1 Week

YunnaYunna Cottage ( 0361) 753015
Jl. Pantai Kuta Gang Poppies II

Low budget guest house.This place doesn’t look that good at all, but is cheap and fairly close to the beach. There are 6 rooms each with fan on the 2nd and 3rd levels.

The rooms are quite large and breakfast in included.




The Yunna Cottage is located on the same side of the road as the vendors heading to the beach.

1 Person 40,000rp 1 Night
2 Person 60,000rp 1 Night
1 Person 210,000rp 1 Week
2 Person 350,000rp 1 Week

TanjungTunjung Bali Inn (0361) 762990
Poppies Lane II

This is a new place that opened in mid July 2003. There are 26 rooms on 2 levels, with fan. The rooms are new and clean. Bathrooms are pink, but otherwise okay. Western toilet, shower. Breakfast is included.

The Tunjung Bali Inn looks good from the outside and has a large central garden area that will look better when the vegetation grows a bit.

It is located across from Mini Mart and behind Circle K. Out in front is the Jegeh Bulan restaurant.

Breakfast is included.

1 Person 60,000rp 1 Night
2 Person 70,000rp 1 Night
1 Person 420,000rp 1 Week
2 Person 490,000rp 1 Week

Palm GardensPalm Gardens Taman Nyiur (0361) 752198
Poppies Lane II

Standard budget guest house. Has 38 rooms with fan. Breakfast included. Fairly clean.

Located in front of Circle K close to Benesari.

1 Person 60,000rp 1 Night
2 Person 70,000rp 1 Night
1 Person 420,000rp 1 Week
2 Person 490,000rp 1 Week

Poppies Cottages – to be researched.

TamanTaman Indah Beach Inn ( 0361) 753795
Br. Pengabetan, Poppies Lane II

Very budget type of place located 20 meters further along Poppies II from Internet Outpost. Small lobby had several locals hanging out watching TV, the alley that leads to the front desk has a couple of hole in the wall food places, really bottom end though. With porch.

12 rooms on 2 levels are basic, semi clean, fan and bathroom. Breakfast included.

1 Person 30,000rp 1 Night
2 Person 40,000rp 1 Night
1 Person 210,000rp 1 Week
2 Person 280,000rp 1 Week

okieOkie House (0361) 752081
Poppies Lane II

Located 40 meters further along Poppies II from Internet Outpost on the opposite side of the road, next to the BCA ATM machine and the Barong Hotel. 25 rooms on 4 floors come with fan are clean and basic. Breakfast is included. Bathrooms are clean. Western toilet, shower.

Has very good travel agent attached to hotel ( ask for Kadek ).

1 Person 60,000rp 1 Night
2 Person 80,000rp 1 Night
1 Person 350,000rp 1 Week
2 Person 490,000rp 1 Week

Palu’s Place (0361) 751694
Poppies Lane II Gang Mangga

Opened (around July 1st 2003 ) and located down a small alley, you have to look for the brown ‘Palu’s Place’ sign on the right side of the street as you pass the Circle K after Jalan Benesari.

The owner Chrisna Deva describes his place as a bed & breakfast rather than a hotel because of the limited size and services. Although this place wasn’t entirely finished ( Chrisna stressed that he and his staff focus on customer satisfaction and service. I looked at the guest book and it was filled with glowing reports already from many nationalities.

The plates for the restaurant were still in their boxes but Chrisna did point out that he had gone to the trouble of selecting quality plates and cups.

There is a small swimming pool and the rooms are simple but feel comfortable because of the cleanliness and the color scheme. Chrisna has used dark blue tile for the floors and an orange / brown for the wall color, this gives a warmer effect than the stark white tile that most other places use.

Breakfast is included and items are bought from a quality French bakery including croissants and pastries. Guests can have eggs, coffee and tea also.

Rooms come with A/C , hot and cold water and bath tub. The rooms are located on 2 levels and face the pool.

1 Person 100,000rp 1 Night
2 Person 100,000rp 1 Night
1 Person 6 nights paid, 1 free 1 Week
2 Person 6 nights paid, 1 free 1 Week

Hotel Bounty (0361) 753030
Jalan Segara Batu Bolong #18

Luxury hotel located on Poppies II about 5 minutes walk from the beach across from Rainbow Cafe. Large Balinese style lobby with traditional roof, 2 swimming pools, 2 pool bars, 24 hour rooms service.

This place call itself a ‘resort’ and is definitely the nicest place on Poppies II.

166 rooms with balcony, satellite TV in case Bali gets too boring for you, mini-bar refrigerator, IDD telephone, A/C and many of the other standard facilities of a higher and hotel.

Right now (Aug 1st 2003) there are specials on the variety of rooms, including pay for 6 nights get the 7th free.

Standard SGL/DBL US $30 1 Night
Superior SGL/DBL US $40 1 Night
Superior Duplex US $60 1 Night

Bali SandyBali Sandy Cottages
Jl. Poppies II Gang 1

Located at the end of the small alley on the same side of Poppies II as the strip of vendors, you look for the ‘Risky Leather’ sign and keep going to the end.

37 rooms on 3 levels with central swimming pool. Renovations are in progress and the restaurant and area at the perimeter look are not finished.

There are 37 rooms on 3 levels.

Rooms are large with elegant dark wood bed, writing table and chair. The decor consists of white walls and white tile floor, the same as somewhere like Ronta Bungalows for example. This place is okay but is definitely not luxury. Clean bathroom, bathtub. Porch.

A/C Cottages I Double 350,000rp 1 Night
A/C Cottages I Single 300,000rp 1 Night
A/C Cottages II Double 300,000rp 1 Night
A/C Cottages II Single 250,000rp 1 Night
Fan Cottages I Double 250,000rp 1 Night
Fan Cottages I Single 200,000rp 1 Night

Extra mattress 50,000rp 1 Night

Puri BeachPuri Beach Inn
Poppies Lane II

This budget place is located along the same side of the street as the strip of vendors going towards the beach.

Look for the ‘Risky Leather’ sign and head down alley.

9 rooms with fan, breakfast included. No worse than any of the other standard type budget places.

1 Person 40,000rp 1 Night
2 Person 50,000rp 1 Night
Negotiable 1 Week

Hotel Barong (0361 751804 )
Jl. Segara Batu Bolong
[email protected]

Located opposite Tsunami surf shop with 3 floors, 100 rooms all A/C, 2 swimming pools, 24 hour restaurant, beauty salon and laundry service.

Rooms have refrigerator, mini-bar, international TV, IDD telephone, garden / pool view.

This place is located in the center of busy Poppies II and privides are fair degree of luxury though not up to Nusa Nua’s standard.

Located close to internet cafes, restaurants, bars, ATM and travel agents.

Good place for a 1 week visitor who wants to be comfortable, feel like they’re on vacation and also have easy access to the nightlife of Kuta / Legian.

Buffet Breakfast included.

1 Room 300,000rp 1 Night
1 Room 2,100,000rp 1 Week

Indah Beach (0361) 753327
8 Poppies Lane II

Located next to the ATM BNI close to the last corner before the beach on Poppies II.

Review ro come.

1 person 350,000 1 Night
2 person 350,000 1 Night (high season)

250,000rp per night during low season.

No discount for 1 Week

38 rooms, all AC. Includes breakfast.

Looks like a decent place from the outside.

SatryaSatriya Cottages (0361) 758331
Poppies Lane II

Located on the final corner before the beach on Poppies Lane II.

Nice rooms. The gardens are neat and the place looks like a guest house that has morphed into a hotel. Swimming pool in the back. Has restaurant / bar.

Classic Room:
Double 500,000rp Single 450,000rp Extra Bed 75,000rp

Balinese styled room with AC, telephone, refrigerator, TV, out door bathroom, hot water, private balcony

Superior Room:
Double 400,000rp Single 350,000rp Extra Bed 75,000rp

AC, telephone, refrigerator, TV, private bathroom, hot water, private balcony.

Standard Room:
Double 350,000 Single 300,000, Extra Bed 75,000rp

AC, telephone, refrigerator, TV, private bathroom, hot water, private balcony.

Fan Room:
Double 275,000rp Single 225,000rp Extra Bed 50,000rp

Ceiling Fan, telephone, private bathroom and balcony.

(Last updated Feb 15th 2005)

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