Bulgari hotel Bali: Top of the rich list

Where would Trump stay if he came to Bali? His ego is so big he’d probably build his own resort. But if he was just passing through, it would have to be the Bulgari.

Located on the coast of the southern Bukit, the Bulgari defines luxury. Its also defines wealthy because if you are not wealthy, you are going to starve there (omelette 130,000rp, nasi goreng 150,000rp). According to one of the staff I talked to the other day, a standard villa is $1,100 per night, President’s suite $5,000 per night. Apparently there is a strong Asian occupancy at the moment.




If ‘The Donald’ did grace the Bulgari with his presence, its likely the hotel would be renamed, the ‘Trump Bulgari’, by the time he left, or at least the Bukit (Trump Hill). I’d like to hear from anyone who has stayed at this lovely place, if the experience was what they were looking for.

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