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Bali is considered a ‘resort’ island, but the vast majority of the accommodations available for visitors would not be put into the resort category. Most visitors stay in small and cheap guesthouses or almost as small and reasonably priced hotels, but there are definitely plenty of actual resort hotels on the island as well.

You could broadly put them into two major categories, but there is some crossover.

Local resorts

Bali has had upscale visitors since almost the beginning of the tourism boom, and many smaller local resort hotels have been around for decades. They tend to be simple, but quite luxurious at the same time. There will be no golf course adjacent to these places, but they are often overloaded with charm, local flavor, and impressive arts and crafts throughout the rooms and the complex. Prices of one of these places can start as low as around US$30 per night, but can go way up from there. The good news is you tend to get what you pay for in this category. In other words, if one small resort charges US$60 per night and another charges US$100 per night, the more expensive one will be noticeably nicer and/or have a better location.

International resorts

These are mostly concentrated in the southern peninsula of Nusa Dua, which is more or less a gated community that was purpose-built to become the center for large international hotels. Some of the names are familiar like Hilton, Grand Hyatt, Sheraton, and even Club Med, but many similar places with the same amounts of luxury stand between those along the main strip in Nusa Dua. There are also a few international resorts in the Kuta/Legian area, Sanur, and a few boutique resorts in more remote parts of the island as well.

Where to book a resort in Bali

Unlike the majority of Bali’s guesthouses and cheaper hotels, most of the resorts on the island are connected to internet booking engines. It’s important that you are clear on which type of resort you are hoping to book because if you are expecting a Hilton you might be disappointed if you book one of the local-style resorts instead. And if you really want to experience the magic that so many people find on their Bali visit, you’ll only get a small taste of it if you stay at the Hilton, for example, in Nusa Dua.

More information on the major resort areas in Bali


Bali has a number of tourist areas which have developed over time either by design or by natural progression, to become resort areas. The first area in Bali to become popular with modern day tourists was Kuta. Now extending along Jl. Legian through Legian and Seminyak, this area is sometimes referred to as the “Kuta resort”. The main street in this whole area runs parallel to the beach a mere 500 meters away. Shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs line many of the cross streets, along with hotels and villas, which are often tucked away down a small lane. Staying in the Kuta resort area gives you the best access to creature comforts, with maximum action guaranteed. The Kuta resort area is suitable for people who like to shop, dine, party, enjoy the beach. Close interaction with Balinese locals is easy, although some of the commercialism is a bit strong.
Map of Kuta & Legian
Map of Legian
Map of Seminyak & Petitenget


Sanur was the second main resort area in Bali, the Grand Bali Beach Hotel opening in 1966. Most of the tourist development is strung out along the main street, Jl. Danau Tamblingan, (which runs parallel to the beach) and its cross streets. There are mid-range accommodation options in Sanur as well as some larger upscale hotels. You do not get the array of cheaper accommodation that is available in Kuta. Jl. Danau Tamblingan is lined with shops, restaurants and bars, but not nightclubs. Sanur is ideal for older people or families.
Map of Sanur


Lovina on the north coast of Bali is a string of villages stretching a few kilometers along the main road. In the early 1990’s this was more of a backpacker area but has become more of a mid-range location. The Lovina resort area is popular with Europeans especially the Dutch and is suitable for family groups and people who want a quieter tourist scene.
Map of Lovina

Nusa Dua

The Nusa Dua resort complex is a specially designed location consisting of 20+ resort hotels. It represents the largest collection of resorts in Bali. Nusa Dua is the true resort hotel center of Bali. Specially designed and operating within its own area, the Nusa Dua resort area guarantees high levels of luxury, privacy and aims to maintain a distance between guests and locals.

Nusa Dua was never a heavily populated area, so without a reason to enter the complex, most locals stay away from the complex, meaning traffic levels are low and the place is quiet. Outside the main gate is the small local community, in the small desa’s of Peken, Balikembar, Bualu Indah, Pande and Penyarikan.

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