Accommodation in Toya Bungkah: Batur Bali

For those contemplating hiking Gunung Batur, the best place to stay is Toya Bungkah, which has a good selection of budget accommodation. Best thing is to check out a couple of places and compare value.

Lakeside Cottages
Located close to the lake in Toya Bungkah. Good quality cottages with lake views, hot water, TV ($35 per night, $25 per night). Budget rooms with cold water also available for $10 per night.

Nyoman Mawar III
Located just in from Lakeside Cottages, under the Volcano III. Simple bungalows with good view of the lake. Cold water. 75,000rp per night.

Located on the path down to the lake. Clean, newer place with cold water. Budget place.




Simple guest house next to the hot springs. Cold water. Budget place.

Nyoman Mawar
Located under the Volcano at the junction of the road and the path to the public bathing area. Simple rooms, cold water for 50,000rp per night.

Located close to the trailhead for hiking Gunung Batur. Decent place with a selection of rooms, some with hot water. Moderately priced.

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