Families staying in Ubud

Having a kid changes your requirements as far as accommodation, both for safety and convenience. Ika, Jevon and I are staying in a guest, the Rahayu Bungalows on Jl. Hanuman , downtown. We have a single story bungalow in Balinese style, own bathroom, hot water, stove and huge garden. This cost us 75,000rp per night and its good, breakfast is also included (pancake, coffee/ tea, fruit ).

After looking at places on the edge of town, we decided that having me take the motorbike during the day, would leave Ika somewhat stranded, so the Rahayu is perfect as Jl. Hanuman has plenty of food places and handicraft shopping etc.




The owner of the place where we are staying teaches Balinese dancing, even though she is 5 months pregnant. This morning she had a Japanese student learning the intricacies of how to move gracefully. Living in the midst of a Balinese family is a much nicer environment in my opinion, than being by myself in a fancy place.

Ika and Jevon have gone jalan jalan, I am busy checking stuff out and getting online. So far Ubud has been great and I never get sick of coming here.

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