Accommodation on the Bukit Bali

Bali has a wide variety of activities and items of interest, ranging from surfing, scuba diving, spas, temples, shopping, nightlife etc. Bali also has a whole selection of places with decent accommodation, whether the want the affordability of Kuta, the trendy locale of Seminyak, or the luxury of Nusa Dua, you’ve got options. One area that is beautiful, affordable, relaxing, close to Kuta, with great beaches, is the Bukit Peninsula. Unless you’re a surfer, the likelihood is you’ll only go to the Bukit for a fancy hotel, or a trip to Uluwatu temple. You should look again, because there are some great places to stay.

Driving from Kuta, you can get to Bingin, Balangan, Dreamland and Padang Padang in under 30 minutes. The Bukit is fast developing, but right now its still a part of Bali that feels like Kuta did, 30 years ago.

Most places don’t have AC, but many places are family owned, and in the laid back environment, overlooking the ocean, you will make friends and have more time to relax, than in hectic Kuta. Transport is the big factor of course, so as soon as you figure out your solution, the Bukit is close by.




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