Accommodation in Jungutbatu & Mushroom Bay on Nusa Lembongan

Jungutbatu & Mushroom Bay on Nusa Lembongan are popular places for people to visit for a few days, whether it be to relax, snorkel or surf the breaks at Playgrounds, Racetracks or Lacerations. There are plenty of accommodation options available, all on the beach or close to it.

Much of the accommodation is at the beach in the north of Jungutbatu, although you can find accommodation all round the bay. Just like other popular places in SE Asia, including Koh Phangan, Thailand, the once popular bamboo shacks are being replaced by cement blocks. People go ‘money mad’ when they think tourists are coming, but some of the older bamboo places still remain. You’ll pay more for an ocean view than a room with no view. Most places offer a cold water shower, fan and no breakfast.

Budget accommodation options

(0366) 24483
A combo of cement block rooms and 2-storey bamboo / thatch in front. Cold water, fan.

Bunga Bungalows
Located at the southern end of the beach, with a selection rooms, in 2-storey buildings. Cold water, fan.

Bungalo No.7
(0366) 24497.
Popular with travelers and surfers. Located at the far southern end of the beach. Rooms have decent balconies or verandas. Cold water, fan, Rooms come in various prices according to the size and view. 70,000rp, 80,000rp, 100,000rp per night.

Jungutbatu Bungalow
Located approximately 200m north of Puri Nusa, in the far north of the bay. Two-storey buildings spread out with a nice garden. Back from the beach and a bit away from the center of the tourist scene. a little apart from the main tourist area. Cold water, fan, breakfast included.

Decent accommodation, with some nice sea views and a pretty garden. Air-con and hot water available.

Linda Bungalows
0812 360 0867
Decent two-storey buildings with nice furniture. Aussie owned and run to a good standard. Cold water, fan. 95,000rp per night.

Nusa Indah
(0366) 24480
Located behind the Surfer’s Beach Cafe. Two types of rooms, newer at the front, older at the back, cold water, fan. 100,000rp per night.

Pondok Baruna
(0812) 390 0686
Located a 5 minute walk south of the main guest house area. Clean rooms overlooking the beach, restaurant attached. World Diving Lembongan is also located here. Cold water fan, Single room 75,000rp, Double room 100,000rp per night.




Puri Nusa
(0361) 298613 (0366) 24482
Located in the north of the bay. Rooms come in 1, 2 or 3 storey buildings. Balconies, porches, and nice garden. Cold water and fan. with good verandas or balconies in an attractive garden.

Mid-Range -Expensive accommodation

The accommodation at Mushroom Bay and Chelegimbai is more expensive and better in quality than that which is offered at Jungutbatu. The best deals are found when booking a high end place along with the cruise to Lembongan, with a major company such as Bali Hai, or Waka.

Coconuts Beach Resort
(0361) 728088
Book when staying overnight on an Island Explorer Cruise. Accommodation is in thatched bungalows, built on the hillside. Better views higher up. Close to the beach. Hot water, choice of AC or fan. Expensive, check website for latest prices.

Dream Beach Bungalows
Located in the south of the island is a quiet area with white-sand beach. Rooms are large and comfortable, fans and cold water. Pick up at Jungutbatu available. Moderately priced.

Hai Tide Huts
(0366) 24541
Book one of these places when on a Bali Hai Cruise stop over. Two-storey brick and thatch huts with lounge areas and pool. Bathrooms are not attached to each hut. Moderate to expensive.

Mushroom Beach Bungalows/Tanjung Sanghyang Bungalows
Great location on the eastern end of Mushroom Bay. Decent fan rooms with attached cold-water bathrooms. Moderately priced.

Nusa Lembongan Resort
(0361) 725864
Located at the western end of Mushroom Bay. The most expensive resort on the island. Twelve luxury villas great garden and drop pool . Sail Sensations can hook you up with a stay here as an add-on to a cruise. Room start at $200 for a garden view. Check website for latest prices.

(0366) 24524.
Located at the southern end of Jungutbatu beach. Five rooms in a large house with a choice of fans or air-con. Cold-water bathrooms and cable television, wonderful balconies on the top floor. Moderately priced.

Tamarind beach Bungalows
0812 398 4234
Located on the eastern end of Chelegimbai beach. Large, airy bungalows with with fans and attached cold-water bathrooms. 200,000rp per night.

Villa Aman
(0366) 24524.
Located next door to Playgrounds. Two very nice rooms, each with a fan and attached cold-water bathroom. Great views maid is included, who can cook from a menu at your request. Moderately priced.

Villa Sayang
0815 574 9656
Located at eastern end of Chelegimbai beach, high on the cliff. Villas are very nice and come with your own pool, internet, TV, 4 bedrooms in each. Villas are 500,000rp per night. You can accommodation 4 couples in a villa. Cold water & fan.

Villa Wayan
(0361) 271212
Located behind the beach at Chelegimbai, a 2-storey place with simple, with fan and attached cold-water bathroom. Book as an add-on to the Lembongan Island Cruise. Cold water & fan. Rooms are $35 per night.

Waka Nusa Resort
(0361) 723629.
Located behind the beach at Mushroom Bay. Thatched bungalows, nicely decorated with natural materials in Waka style. A choice of AC or fan rooms, hot water bathrooms. Swimming pool. You can book this when enjoying a Waka Cruise. Expensive.

Guide books publish phone numbers of these guest houses / hotels / villas. The lower end ones often cancel their phone line, or the person who owns the cell phone (081 pre-fix) loses it. Anyhow don’t rely on the phone working in the cheaper places.

Many places will pick you up as soon as you arrive in Lembongan, if you call ahead.

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