Thomas Homestay: Padang Padang Bali

view from bukit baliThe Bukit Peninsula, is the ‘upside-down mushroom’ at the bottom of the island. The coast of this limestone plateau is where you’ll find the best surfing locations. You will also find great views of the ocean and a home style Balinese environment. Two of the best surf breaks in Bali are Uluwatu and Padang Padang, on the western end of the Bukit. Located on the cliff-top between those 2 breaks is a tiny guest house named Thomas Homestay. The quiet tarmac road that loops round from the Uluwatu temple, pass Uluwatu towards Padang Padang, has signs along the way pointing out guest houses and restaurants. Spotting Thomas Homestay’s sign I had to check it out. The access road is healivly rutted and takes 2 minute from the road. The thing that greets you on arrival is a magnificent view of the coast, with the Suluban Point to the left, Dreamland to the right.

thomas homestay baliThe owner, Made was on hand with her son, who proudly told me he doesn’t work, since he is sponsored by a French surfing company. Made showed me the basic rooms, of which there were 6. They were equipped with double and single beds, a fan and cold water shower.

Thomas Homestay has a warung, breakfast is not included and the room rate is 50,000rp per night. Made told me discounts were available for long stayers. The son told me the each was a 3 minute hike down the stone steps.

Back at home. Cliff from England, husband of Aisa, told me they have stayed at Thomas Homestay on many occasions. He said if you stay there you will have the whole beach to yourself.

Thomas Homestay

What is it?
A family homestay on the Bukit

Where is it?
Located on the cliff between Suluban (Uluwatu) and Padang Padang.




What is does it offer?
Simple, cheap, no-frills accommodation.

What is the draw of this place?
Cost effective, great view, access to 2 surfing breaks, lovely quiet beach.

Driving time to Kuta?
About 25 minutes.

How far to shops & restaurant?
Small selection of independent warungs and restaurants around Uluwatu, Padang Padang and other Bukit beaches such as Dreamland. These take from 5-15 minutes to get to.

Nearest board shops?
Various board shops around including one close to the main entrance to Dreamland and the Palu shop at Jl. Uluwatu.

Who is Thomas Homestay good for?
Surfers, people on a budget, people who like a quiet scene, access to a great beach.

Who is Thomas Homestay not good for?
People who need AC, shopping, nightlife, fancy food.

Thomas Homestay
Jl. Pantai Suluban
081 338130583

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