Cliff-top accommodation at Bingin on the Bukit Bali

After reading the Guide to Bingin Beach, you will see there is plenty of low-budget accommodation on the beach ranging from crash pads to rooms. For those requiring something a little better here is a review of a couple of places located on the cliff-top.


Walking back up the steep steps the place on the right side you have to walk around overlooking Bingin is Kembung Kuning Ocean View Bungalow. The owner is Nyoman Tamat, who is a Balinese local. They have 6 bungalows with bed and fan. Cold water only and private bathroom with shower.

Rooms go for 150,000rp and are super handy for people wanting a better level of place than the bamboo shacks down below, but with easy access to the surf. One of the best views of Bingin also.

Prices at Kembung Kuning Ocean View Bungalow: Small Bintang 15,000rp, nasi goreng 10,000rp

Contact info for Kembung Kuning Ocean View Bungalow (0361) 7434424

Continuing back up the hill, passing the new construction and getting to where the dirt road meets the track across the field, I turned left and followed the marks made by car tires in the direction of the guests house / hotels on the cliff top area.

Coming to this sign I kept walking for 20 minutes (only a few minutes if you have a vehicle) and came to Secret Garden, a Japanese owned place. The staff showed me around and explained they have 3 single-storey cottages (1 room in 2 of them, 2 rooms in the other). Prices are $40 per night and $60 per night.




Rooms are private as they have their own entrance and wall. The living area is very open with Japanese style low furniture. Obviously these rooms are fan only and I asked about mosquitoes to which the staff said there were hardly any.

Prices at Secret Garden: Small Bintang 12,000rp, nasi goreng 28,000rp

Very cozy and pleasant place. You might impress your new girlfriend by taking her here for a romantic candlelight overnight stay.

Further down the same road is Leggies Bungalows which is locally owned and run. 10 bungalows in all, old and new, in different shapes and sizes.

All rooms have simple guest-house style layout, private bathroom with shower, cold water, fan.

6 of the bungalows have a double bed and a single bed and go for 150,000rp per night. The other 4 just have a double bed for 100,000rp.

Newer rooms at the back of the property with shinier interiors and promises to build a swimming pool sometime in the near future.

Prices for Leggies Bungalows: Small Bintang 12,000rp, nasi goreng 15,000rp.

Garden area large and staff seem very friendly.

Staff told me the surf is just 3 minutes away down the hill.

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