Accommodation on Gili Air

A map of Gili Air shows that most of the accommodation is on the west and south coasts. There is also a mosque on the south coast, which may be one of the reasons the local population, of 1,000 Muslims, keep a tight lid on the partying activities. Late night action is limited to 3 nights a week. Although quieter than Gili Trawangan, Gili Air still has a good choice of accommodation.

Abdi Fantastik
Located on the East coast close to Ozzy shop. Simple clean thatched bungalows with view of the ocean. Cold water, inexpensive.

Gili Air Santay
Located on the East coast close to Ozzy shop and Yan’s Bookshop. Simple thatched bungalows, cold water, affordable.

Gita Gili
Located on the East coast between Yan’s Bookshop and Dream Divers. Bamboo and thatch bungalows. Cold water, fan rooms. 60,000rp per night.

Gusung Indah
0812 378 9054
Located on the NE coast north of Blue Marlin. Bungalows in 2 grades, simple and cheap. Cold water.

Hotel Gili Air
Located on the NE coast north of Blue Marlin. Moderately priced with AC / hot water rooms and cheaper fan / cold water.

Lombok Indah
0812 3736746
Located on the NE coast north of Blue Marlin. Very affordable place with choice of budget rooms. Cold water.




0812 3782156
Located on the West coast, Lucky’s offers simple clean rooms with cold water.

08180 3622893
Located inland on the East coast. Affordable cottages with cold water.

Located on the East coast offering bamboo / thatch bungalows, with cold water.

Located on the SE coast just back from the beach. Moderately priced lumbung rice barn style rooms. Great views, Cold water and fan.

Nusa Tiga
Located slightly inland, on the SE coast. Simple bungalows, attached bathroom, cold water.

Located on the north coast, you will have a long trek to get to the main centers of activity, but for people wanting peace and quiet, this could be it. On the beach, decent quality, cold water.

0812 3764552
Located on the NE coast, has attached warung, simple rooms. The warung has a once a week party.

Coconut Cottages
Located on the NE coast, pleasant bungalows, varied room grades. Hot water, internet access.

Hotel Gili Indah
Located on the south coast, to the west of the ferry launch, has a variety of room grades. AC / hot water (300,000rp per night) available. Fan / cold water 150,000rp per night.

Most of the accommodation on Gili Air is in the budget category. Getting through by phone can be difficult as numbers may change, especially when its cell phone number.

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