Waking up in an Ubud homestay

Ubud is a higher elevation than Kuta, making it cooler, especially at night. My friends checked into a mid range hotel with AC, but for me a ceiling fan in a homestay (guest house / losman) did the job.

Waking up today the first thing I heard was the roosters, which keep on honking hours after dawn has broken. no worries actually, I could go back to sleep and after you get used to roosters, they are actually relaxing, as they signal the fact you are out of town, in a village, or at least, not on the main street anymore.

My cold shower was cold, but not unbearable, this isn’t Siberia after all. I find that Ubud has way less mosquitoes than the Kuta area, and so sleep soundly, my quilt being used all night.




Breakfast was included in the 40,000rp price, and consisted of tea & coffee, fruit plate and ommelette on toast. I’ve had worse for sure and reckon I got a good deal, considering my friends were paying over 250,000rp per night less than 100 meters away.

The owner’s young daughter played outside my room for a while and other relatives said hello, a bonus of living in a homestay, where the family is there and carries out their life as normal.

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