Cool places to stay in South Ubud

Ubud is a cool place to stay for a relaxing few days. Assuming you can escape the main drag and get to the outer lying areas, take a rice field hike and enjoy an art class, the world is your oyster.

Monkey Forest area

Tegal Sari

Tegal Sari is superbly located, done in a style and perfect for those arriving by Perama bus, also located on the Jl. Hanoman. Advance booking is a must as this place is usually full.

Among activities offered are Balinese dancing classes, batik making, kite-flying, cooking classes, rice field walks and bicycle riding.




Greenfield Bungalows
Located on Jl. Pengosekan is a budget place ideal for those who enjoy a simple environment close to nature. Accommodation is in simple styled bungalows next to rice fields and Monkey Forest close by. Greenfield Bungalows also has a salt water pool.

ARMA Resort
Located in 4 hectares at the ARMA museum, this hotel offers luxury rooms and free access to the museum. Overlooking nearby rice fields, the ARMA resort has its own outdoor theater and guests can observe the Balinese dance classes performed by Ubud locals.

Nyuhkuning is located on the southern side of Monkey Forest. Accessed via Singakerta or Pengosekan, Nyuhkuning offers a very quiet location close to the Monkey Forest itself. People staying in Nyuhkuning are better off having their own transport, as walking through Monkey Forest at night to get downtown might not be desirable.

Alam Indah
Alam Indah means ‘beautiful nature and its Balinese owners are Pak Ketut and Ibu Wayan. A sense of peace and tranquility permeate the hotel, mirroring the serene nature of the local surroundings. Friendly staff offer wonderful service and morning rice field walks are recommended. A Balinese compound surrounds the rooms, which are spacious and comfortable. the whole package is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a close up experience with Balinese culture at a comfortable level of luxury.

Alam Jiwa
The Alam Jiwa is a sister hotel to the Alam Indah. Its name means ‘the soul of nature’ and is a more upmarket version of the 2. Both hotels are keen to showcase Balinese culture and promote environmental awareness. Located half a kilo south of Monkey Forest, the hotel is surrounded by rice fields and close to woodcarving shops and classes can be arranged.

Linda Garland Estate

Located on the side of a peaceful valley, just south on Monkey forest in Nyuhkuning, is the expansive Linda Garland Estate. The 10 hectare property features a lobby area with massive wooden furniture and well taken care of grounds. There are 4 houses available (Coconut House, Bamboo Garden House, Waterfall House, River House) and a 30 meter swimming pool. Bamboo is featured throughout and the hotel combines nature’s purity with man-made structures.

Owner Linda Garland is sometimes referred to as the ‘Bamboo Queen’ for her efforts to encourage the use of bamboo. The Environmental Bamboo Foundation was started in 1993 by Linda Garland and aims to protect local forests while promoting bamboo as a usable alternative to jati (teak) and other wood. The EBF is located next door and guests are welcome to visit.

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