Budget accommodation in Tanjung Benoa Bali

Most budget travellers to Bali who are looking for budget accommodation head for Kuta and then spread their wings around the rest of the island. One place they do not usually go is Nusa Dua / Tanjung Benoa because of the prices associated with it. However Benoa has some affordable options. The whole area on the eastern end of the Bukit gets labeled as Nusa Dua but there are well known local names for its separate parts. As you arrive at the main gate to the complex you are actually in Bualu, which comes complete with hotels such as the Hotel Bualu, a clinic (SOS Pratama) and the Bale Banjar, the local community headquarters.

Nusa Dua actually refers to the 2 knobs that stick out into the ocean and the surrounding area. Tanjung Benoa (Cape Benoa) refers to the long sandbar that points north and is home to some resorts like the Ramada, Conrad and some small places that fit a budget traveler. The main road that heads up to Tanjung Benoa is Jl. Pratama is chunks of it are still barren scrub with the occasional palm tree. Other parts are newly developed with dive centers, car rental places and restaurants. Being outside of the Nusa Dua complex Jl. Pratama looks somewhat scruffy with trash on the street and local kaki-lima (salmonella cart) vendors patrolling.

The beach on this part of the Bukit isn't as nice as that found down at Nusa Dua, but for a budget traveler, who wants affordable accommodation, cheap internet and a combo of modern western restaurants and local warungs, Tanjung has something for you.

The first guest house I checked out was the Rasa Sayang Beach Inn.

Rasa Sayang Beach Inn (0361) 771643
Jl. Pratama #88X
Tanjung Benoa

Located on the left side of the road heading north this small place has 20 rooms and feels like a typical guesthouse. Rooms are tightly packed with connecting porch and bamboo chairs. There are 3 types of rooms:

Room with fan, 75,000rp
Room with AC, 125,000rp
Room with AC and hot water, 175,000rp
Extra bed is 20,000rp

Services offered are safety deposit box, laundry service, car, motorbike and bicycle rental, transportation and tour service, airport transfer, water sports service.

Credit cards are not accepted and check out time is 12 noon.

Rooms come with TV and fridge.

A short way up the road on the same side I came to Ombak Putih Bungalows.




Ombak Putih Bungalows (0361) 771038
Jl. Pratama #101X
Tanjung Benoa

The entry to this place was down the side alley and the building looks relatively new. Once a member of staff had opened the door, I passed through into swimming pool area which was decorated with colorful plants. The whole feel of the place was something right out of Southern California, bright and airy, red tile rood, light colored walls and felt altogether quite tranquil.

The staff who were from Flores told me the owner as Dutch. They told me Ombak Putih Bungalows has a total of 8 rooms, which come in a combo of single room places and double rooms (that is a suite of 2 rooms).

Every room has AC, fan, bathroom, TV, fridge.

The hotel has a swimming pool, hot water, coffee maker, water cooker, room service, laundry service, airport pick up and Breakfast is possible.

The 2 rooms suite goes for 350,000rp per night, a single room 250,000rp,

Tanjung Mekar (0361) 772063
Jl. Pratama
Tanjung Benoa

Up the street from Ombak is an older place which can be identified by the es kalapa carts parked outside. Tanjung Mekar is a simple 2-storey place that comes complete with Balinese kids running around. There are 4 simple rooms (1 with AC, 3 with fan). The guesthouse has cold water, breakfast and each room has a bathroom.

The feel of the place is a shady older style guesthouse and good for low budget relaxing.

1 person 1 night is 75,000rp
2 person 1 night is 80,000rp

Discount for a week, the price is 60,000rp per night.

Along from Tanjung Mekar also on the left side is Pondok Agung.

Pondok Agung (0361) 771143
Jl. Pratama #99
Tanjung Benoa

This place has a well kept spacious garden and a nice bale to relax under. The 2 storey rooms are spacious and are well appointed with good furniture and hardwood floors. Very relaxing to sit on the second floor balcony and enjoy the afternoon.

Pondok Agung has 11 rooms. There are 7 different room pricings depending on a variety of factors including AC / fan, or TV etc.

A Standard room with fan goes for 100,000rp. A Bungalow with kitchenette, AC, TV is 260,000rp
Extra bed is 20,000rp and Breakfast is 10,000rp

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