Accommodation in Senggigi Lombok

Here is a guide to accommodation options in Senggigi Lombok. Senggigi is the main tourist center on the west coast of Lombok, and the accommodation is spread over a few kms. Central Senggigi has many budget options while north Senggigi has a better choice of luxury accommodation.

South Senggigi

Batu Bolong Cottages
Located north of the temple at Pura Batu Bolong. Offers a selection of budget to mid-range accommodation. Rooms have cold water / fan, or hot water / AC.

Batu Layar Bungalow
Located south of the main town, 200 meters from the beach. Budget rooms offering hot water / fan. The guest house provides transport to Central Senggigi.

Located several kms south of Central Senggigi. High-end with good pool, restaurant and all rooms come with hot water / AC.

Siti Hawa Homestay
Located 4km south of Central Senggigi. A really budget places with cold water / fan rooms, set inside a family compound.

Central Senggigi

Mid-range set of bungalows located on the beach close to the Perama bus office. All rooms come with hot water / AC.

A budget place located centrally, away from the beach , next to the Senggigi Square Complex. Cold water rooms with choice of fan or AC.

Graha Senggigi
A high-end place located at south-central Senggigi. All rooms have hot water / AC, there is a pool and restaurant.

Intan Lombok Village
High end place located centrally away from the beach across from Senggigi Square Complex. Fantastic pool and nice garden in large area. Choice of bungalows or cottages. All rooms have hot water / AC.




Located centrally across from the Perama bus office. Very popular with budget travellers. Small family compound on the beach front, great views. All rooms have AC, and there is a choice of hot or cold water rooms.

Mid-range place located close to the beach near Senggigi Plaza. Nice bungalows with AC / hot water rooms. There is no swimming pool but the beach is right there.

Raja’s Bungalows
0812/377 0138
Located centrally close to the Senggigi Square Complex. Budget accommodation in bungalows with cold water / fan. Clean and set in nice garden.

(0370) 6605599
located close to the beach and the Perama bus office. Ray offers handy budget accommodation. Choice of fan or AC rooms all with cold water. The busy Marina Cafe in next door.

Senggigi Beach Hotel & Pool Villa Club
High-end accommodation located on the SW point of the Senggigi beach front. Good facilities including pools, restaurants, bars, tennis court. All rooms have AC / hot water. The Pool Villa Club has 16 luxury villas.

The top end of hotels in Senggigi. Located 100 meters north of the police station on the northern end of central Senggigi. Top class place with lovely pool, good restaurant and grounds. All rooms have hot water / AC. Also has kids club, boutique, spa and health club.

North Senggigi

Alang Alang Boutique Beach Resort
Located on the beach in Mangsit, just north of Central Senggigi. High end place with rooms and bungalows, all with hot water / AC. Wonderful gardens and pool. Hotel provides evening transport downtown.

Bulan Baru
Located 7kn north of Central Senggigi in Lendang Laur. Clean bungalows in nice garden, with choice of fan or AC rooms. Has a restaurant and good beach close by. Very quiet, no kids allowed.

Holiday Inn Resort
High end place located 2kms north of Central Senggigi in Mangsit. Large ground with 5 classes of rooms. Self-catering villas are available, which might be good for families. There is a large pool, spa, restaurants and bars.

Nusa Bunga
Located on the coast a few kms north of Central Senggigi in Klui. Thatched cottages with hot water / AC and pool. Medium price.

Pondok Damai
Around 4 kms north of Senggigi in Mangsit. Budget accommodation in bamboo bungalows, with fan and choice of hot water in the better rooms.

Puri Mas Hotel / Puri Mas Village
High-end place located in Mangsit, north of Senggigi. Great bungalows with antique furniture, hot water / AC. Puri Mas Village is located inland about 2kms north of Senggigi.

Puri Saron
Located on the beach in Karangdangen, just over 1km north of Senggigi. High prices quoted but discounts are given. Decent place with hot water / AC rooms, pool and restaurant.

Quinci Villas
Located 4km north of Senggigi in Mangsit. High quality villas with very nice pool and restaurant. Located on the beach the rooms are hot water / AC. Quinci Villas are gay and straight friendly.

Santai Beach Inn
Located in Mangsit, 3.5kms north of Senggigi. A budget place offering thatched bungalows with cold water / fan. Family rooms have hot water. Meals are served communally, which could be fun, meeting the other guests.

Windy Beach Cottages
A budget place located 5kms north of Senggigi. Bamboo bungalows with hot water, some with fan, others with AC. Good snorkeling near here and nice beaches.

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