Aston Bali Resort & Spa – Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

Aston Bali Resort & Spa
Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

The Aston Bali is definitely a fine hotel in a traditional modern style and the atmosphere, although relaxed reflects this. Staff are quietly attentive and as you enter the main lobby you will pass some amazing Balinese carvings and artwork. This hotel has a Javanese owner and the artwork also reflects this.

  • Atmosphere
    The atmosphere is a relaxed upmarket feel. The hotel isn’t busy at the moment and it felt spacious and airy.
  • Location
    Aston Bali resort and spa is located on the beach on Jalan Pratama in Nusa Dua. There are many other hotels and resorts along this strip but the Aston is the quality choice. Nusa Dua is 15 minutes from the airport and 25 from Kuta. Nusa Dua sits on the SE side of the Bukit peninsula. It does get surf on the point but has sheltered area where swimming is safe. The whole Nusa Dua area is like a giant manicured garden and if you want an easy hop from the airport to somewhere luxurious this is it.
  • Luxury Scale
    This is a top of the line hotel and some of the features include large Balinese style lobby. The Aston Bali resort and spa has a selection of rooms and suites ranging from $165 – $1,000 per night. These come with garden and ocean views. On the property are a café, 3 themed restaurants, a nightclub, a pool bar and a lounge. The Mandalika room can handle cocktail parties for up to 350 people.

    Among the facilities offered are Biwana spa featuring Lomi-lomi massage, aromatherapy massage, Balinese massage, Herbal body scrub, Facial, Hairdresser and an assortment of other therapeutic treatments. The resort’s location on the beach mean there are plenty of water sport activities to choose from. The is surf around the point if you want to go for it



  • Staff Friendliness
    The Aston is one the best hotels in this area and the staff are pleasantly polite. I talked to Oka, the Duty Manager who told me most of the staff have been here for 5 years. People stay here because of the good management.
  • Weird Stuff
    Across the street is a taxi stand and all the cabbies take a siesta underneath this shelter.
  • What makes this hotel unique?
    The hotel itself is designed in the style of a Javanese Imperial palace and features Balinese and Javanese artwork. The size of the main swimming pool is a thing people enjoy also.
  • Why would you want to stay here?
    A newcomer to Bali can arrive at the airport and after a short drive have access to superb restaurants and accomodation as well as watersports and a spa. Nusa Dua is a collection of resorts and a visitor will be away from the hussle and bustle of Kuta. Right outside the resort is a collection of locals shops offering a range of products and services from cafes, to hairdressing to artwork. If are feeling adventurous you might rent a motorcycle and explore the Bukit peninsula, which is all country lanes and small villages.
  • Why would you want to stay somewhere else?
    Nusa Dua was developed with resorts in mind and if you enjoy the resort environment it will work for you. If you are looking to experience the Balinese culture and stay somewhere that is quite different from a hotel you could find in Hawaii or Puerto Rico you might look elsewhere on the island.

    Bali offers some bargain accomodation and a traveler on a budget can find more affordable options.

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