Bali Hilton to Become the Ayodya Resort

It always gives me a laugh when a hotel changes its name. There has to be a damn good reason for it.

And, generally there is a good reason for it. Take for instance a 3 star hotel wanting to attract more tourists to its premises might slap a bit of paint on here and there, do a bit of gardening and then change the name. I have seen this happen so many times over the years and not just in Bali.

But when you are the Bali Hilton International then you have no worries about a bit of paint slapping. The hotel intends to ditch the Hilton branding and become known as the Ayodya Resort effective September 1, 2006.




After 16 years of operation the 538 room Bali Hilton International within Bali's Nusa Dua Complex will be re-branded as the Ayodya Resort the Bali Discovery reports.

The re-branding of the Bali property was precipitated on July 21, 1999 when Hilton International withdrew its management and endorsement of all properties operated under the Hilton banner in Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali.

Owners of the Bali property have assured the public and the travel industry that the ownership, management and staff of the hotel will remain unchanged and the re-branding will take place without any interruption to the hotel's operation or guests' comfort. All contracts and commitments made by the former Bali Hilton International will continue to be honoured under the new trading name.

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