Pantai Geger: Nusa Dua Bali

Pantai Geger is located on the eastern side of the Bukit Peninsula. Pantai Geger is ideal for families with young kids, as the beach is protected from waves and is comfortable.

Getting to Pantai Geger:
From Kuta you can take the Bypass towards Nusa Dua, go through the main gate and turn right towards the Bali Golf and Country Club. You ride past The Bale, and Sekar Nusa to a narrow gang (alley) leading to Pantai Geger (Geger Beach). On weekends you will see other westerners heading that way also.

There is an large intersection on the Bypass, before you get to the Main Gate at Nusa Dua. You can take a right turn here and shoot over the hill directly to Pantai Geger.

Time from Kuta:
Driving time from Kuta is approximately 20 minutes, although it will take a little while to locate the beach, if you have never been there before. If in doubt, ask a local or a westerner, for Geger Beach. Looking at the map the temple, Pura Geger, is right there.

Vehicle access:
You can get cars and motorbikes almost down to the beach, so fmaileis with small kids will have no trouble. There is parking also. When you et to the beach look around as there are a couple of areas people park, one right at the beach, the other on an access road higher up.

Charges for beach access. I have been to Pantai Geger a cuple of times and I don’t remember beinig charged for access / parking, but even if you are it won’t be more than 1,000rp most likely.




I did not see any obvious lifeguard facilities at Pantai Geger.

Beach vendors:
There are beach vendors. some who will sit next to you, but not at the level of Kuta Beach.

There are no shop here. Bring your own sunscreen, newspaper, sunhat, chewing gum.

Sunshades are available, you can negotiate a price.

Natural shade:
This beach does not have the handy line of trees that Kuta Beach does. Instead most of the families who visit tend to gather on the extreme right of the beach under shade provided by the cliff.

Food Drinks:
Food & drinks are available at the popular Nusa Dua Beach Grill. Their food menu is western friendly and the drinks menu includes very good smoothies and arak madu’s.

Who is Pantai Geger good for?
Pantai Geger is good for people who don’t like surfing, or big waves. Families with young kids, who want a clean beach, with east access and a restaurant. This beach attracts a lot of Europeans and expats. Topless sunbathnig is popular here.

Who is Pantai Geger not good for?
Pantai Geger is not good for people who want a more traditional Balinese beach experience. This place really feels more like the South of France. If you don’t like to be around oiled up Euro’s with kids, this beach is not good for you.

Best time to go to Pantai Geger?
The most popular time to visit Pantai Geger is weekends. If you want a quieter scene, go during the week. Located on the eastern side of the Bukit, both wet season and dry season are okay for this beach.

Pantai Geger has clean yellow sand, decent clean water and small ripples rather than large waves. It is same for families with young kids and can be a pleasant change from Kuta/Legian/Semiyak Beach. The restaurant makes all the diffence and you can grab decent food and drinks while enjoying a sunny afternoon.

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