Nusa Dua: What's it all about?

gate081005.jpgNusa Dua is a part of the Bali tourist scene that is a bit of an enigma. Built in the late 70's as home base for a string of resorts, the former mangrove swamp cloisters guests in luxury away from any interactions with Balinese culture (unless it is hired by the hotel). For some people Nusa Dua represents heaven on Earth, a tranquil place in the tropics where smiling staff attend to your every need. To others it feels like a Florida retirement community. I have done a few hotel reviews in the Nusa Dua area and wanted to take another look at the place. Getting to Nusa Dua from Kuta or the airport is super easy, just get on Bypass Ngurah Rai and follow the signs. The ride takes about 15-20 minutes.

Where the Bypass terminates you will notice immediately how the landscape changes, bye bye Bali, hello Beverly Hills. The Nusa Dua complex navigates like a big country club, complete with no pedestrians, beautifully tended lawns and cute little sign pointing out the different resorts. Security personnel are on hand to stop foreigners and try to offer directions. They pull me over anytime I drive through, "Where are you going boss?" "Over there" "Okay boss." They are paid to do it and it serves no purpose other than settle the nerves of people afraid of the locals getting in to bomb them.

Nusa Dua is expanding and my first stop was at a place called Loco Cafe.




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