Kuta Cowboys: The rodeo is in town everyday in Bali

Kuta Cowboys as they are known, are gigolos that hang around the beach looking for foreign women or looking to be picked up by them. The term is so common and the routine so well known that its business as normal in the island of the Gods. Apparently there was a travel survey a couple of years ago that asked travelers about their sexual activity. Who do you think would be the most promiscuous travelers in the world? American students in Europe? Aussies surfers in Bali? How about Germans in Thailand? It actually is Japanese women in Bali. Surprising that the shyest traveler is also the most promiscuous, but the Kuta Cowboys have latched onto that scene very well. Many of them speak Japanese and being able to break the ice and introduce them to a ready built 'local scene' under the palm trees is all it takes.

The way it tends to work is the foreign ladies are looking for love/sex and provide food / gifts. Some travelers keep in contact with the same boyfriend for more than one trip and some even marry them. Ika has a friend from Ireland who married one. The guy was a complete nightmare and their marriage lasted 3 months. May of the guys have multiple foreign girlfriends and some are even married to more than 1 woman.

As the newspaper article points out Kuta Cowboys often prefer older ladies, as they know they are a better long tern investment. The young Japanese chicks are looking for sex, but the older Aussie or Euro woman is often looking for romance, making them more vulnerable and more likely to send money fm overseas.




I say whatever, you meet one of these guys and they are friendly enough. Many people have holiday romances and if you are an older woman, maybe a fling with a Cowboy will make your holiday more fun. People should realize what the scene is here, and not take it for more than it is. As with the party girls, there is an old saying, 'you can take the girl out of the bar, but you can't take the bar out of the girl'. Same with Kuta Cowboys. The funniest things to me about Kuta Cowboys is they are all little guys about 5'3". God knows why women want them, but hey, it's none of my business.

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