Believe it or not but, a lot of people who travel to Bali seldom get out of the touristy areas and travel up country to see and admire the beauty and culture that Bali has to offer. Choosing a day trip or half-day trip depends mainly on your likes and […]

Travel Itineraries for Bali

Indonesia currently has 16 or more species on the verge of extinction. A further 30 are classified as endangered. On the critically endangered and endangered lists are the Sumatran tiger, the Bali starling, the Javanese wild dog, the orangutans of Kalimantan and Sumatra, the Sumatran gibbon and the Sumatran elephant. […]

Saving the Elephants

There are literally hundreds of day trips you could embark upon on your visit to Bali, but I have always found it best to get off the main tourist routes and do some exploring. Recently I spent a few days in the north-east of the island. It is a beautiful […]

Travelling the North-East Road – Part 1

A helicopter carrying tourists has been forced to make an emergency landing on the resort island of Bali. You see them all the time during the day, helicopters ferrying tourists on a bird’s eye view of the island. I have never actually had the desire to fly in one although […]

Tourist Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing

A majority of tourists that go to Bali seldom venture off the well-worn ‘tourist tours’ tracks when they go into the countryside and there are even some that never venture out of the Kuta Strip. My advice to anyone planning a trip to Bali is to find yourself a good […]

The Adventure Side of Bali