How mosquitoes find you in Bali

mozzieThe Ukrainian people I met on the plane from Singapore last night, are getting their first experience of a Bali sunset this evening. They are also most likely getting an introduction to something else that Bali is famous for, mosquitoes. After eating dinner and sitting outside for a few drinks, no doubt someone will figure out they have been bitten way more than everyone else. Scientists in the US have discovered why some people get bitten by mosquitoes more than others.

The one in our family who rarely gets bitten by mosquitoes is Jevon (which I’m very glad about). I’m in the middle category with Ika, though I do have friends who are a ‘mozzie magnet’, the person you want in you tent on a camping trip. It occured to me long ago that people who are healthy seem not to get bitten as much as people who are not, this is not scientific, just my own observation. Science now tells us that a mosquito has 3 super receptors in its nose able to detect humans based on smell and carbon dioxide.

What can you do to avoid getting bitten by mozzies on your trip to Bali?
• Don’t wear black clothing, mosquitoes love dark places.
• Don’t sit next to bushes at night time.
• Protect yourself especially at ‘bug hour’ (sunset).
• Use mozzie repellent.
• Wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt
• Go to higher elevations, the coastal areas are the worst.
• Burn a coil to clear your room, then leave it outside in front of the door. Mozzies often linger outside the door waiting to get in.
• When sitting or sleeping use a strong fan (greater wind speed than 3 mph) which mozzies cannot fly in.
• Sleep with a mosquito net.
• Sleep in a AC room, keeping the windows shut at all times.
• Drink so much Bintang you don’t notice the bites.




Living in Bali I’m used to mosquito bites. Sitting on my porch at night in shorts, there will always be a couple buzzing around, trying to come in for a feed. I almost don’t notice and can watch a movie without much bother, a lighted coil helping to keep them at bay. Looking forward to the day when they can’t find me!

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