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Travel advice is cheap. Everyone who comes here can give their opinion and tips on where to go, what to do and how to avoid hassles. Reading an article from Arthur Frommer’s, offering answers to general travel questions, I thought I’d apply that to Bali. Here’s what Frommer’s says.

Here’s my answer to the same questions for Bali.

Should I book my trip now or later?
Since the 2005 bombing tourism is still down. Just today in Cafe Moka a waitress told me business wasn’t what it used to be. Who knows how long it will take to come back in full, but there are deals right now, its a buyers market. In other words, book your Bali airfare (now or later) and go.

How can I, as a single person, avoid the single-room supplement?
In Bali we have the entire range of hotels from resorts to the most affordable guest house. If you don’t like the cost of a room, just look around and you’ll find many other lovely rooms for cheaper.

How much foreign currency should I take on my trip to Bali?
If you are using VOA (visa on arrival) it is advisable to bring $25 in US currency. If you don’t have it you can change money at the airport for a rate that isn’t the best. Other than that, Bali has many ATM machines, especially in tourist areas and main towns. No need to haul around a wallet with ton of money in. I’d say it can be good to carry $300 in foreign currency, for emergency and maybe 2.5m rp in local, that you’ll get at the ATM. You can leave this in the hotel safe.

Can I, as a single person without a companion, travel pleasurably on group tours?
Group tours in Bali mean either boat trips to Nusa Lembongan, bus trip to Uluwatu, Kintamani etc, or rafting trips in Ubud. If you are on a budget and just want to get around without hassle, the bus trips are okay, but I’d go for hiring a car with driver. You’ll have to make up your own mind how much enjoyment you’ll get from a day rafting. Could be a lot of fun.

Should an unaccompanied woman travel alone?
Bali is generally safe. I have met many single foreign women travelling alone without problems. In any country of course, there is a strata of people who will approach a single women, that will not approach me, as I’m male. Being male I may not worry about my safety as much, that doesn’t mean you, as a women shouldn’t, its just that Bali in general, is safe for solo women travelers.

Is it safe to visit Bali?
Violent crime in Bali tends to be low. As a stranger, you’ll have to be extremely unlucky to encounter violence. There have been terrorist attacks in Bali over the last 5 years. Who’s to say if there will be more. Most people who live here do not seem to be overly worried.

Should I let my 18-year-old vacation in Bali?
Bali is the Tijuana, the Costa del Sol, the Fort Lauderdale, for Australians and many young people. Chances are your 18 year old will want to join in the fun. There is not too much to worry about, as long they stay away from drugs.

What is there to do in Bali?
We could go on for hours, but in a nutshell, you have a beautiful island that is waiting to be explored. The culture here is endlessly fascinating, the people enchanting. Weather is tropical and beach goers can find hotels on the beach, right next to the airport. Scuba diving, surfing, sailing, rafting, are some of the sporting activities. Shopping, touring and non-stop nightlife will keep city lovers well pleased. And that’s just scratching the surface.

Should I use a travel agent?
If you want good deals on air tickets, with a package that includes a hotel, then sure, deals abound using a travel agent. If you feel like exploring the island and creating your own path, staying in local guests houses, or small boutique hotels that you find along the way, maybe you will search for a really cheap ticket and pass on the hotel.

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