Tuban Bali

Tuban is the first place most visitors to Bali see, as it is the location of the airport. Directly south of Kuta, this densely populated area features family hotels, shopping, restaurants and nightlife.

Looking at map of Tuban one will see the Bypass to Nusa Dua passes through Tuban, as well as busy Jl. Kartika Plaza, along the built-up beach road. Tuban is home to expats and many Indonesians living in the small gangs behind Jl. Kartika Plaza and the surrounding areas.

Among the accommodation options in Tuban are:

• Bali Dynasty Resort
• Bali Garden Hotel
• Bunut Gardens
• Discovery Kartika Plaza
• Puspa Ayu Bungalows
• The Sandi Phala

Among the bars & restaurants in Tuban are:

• All Stars Surf Cafe
• Daddy’s Cafe
• Deejay Cafe
• Golden Lotus
• Kin Khao
• Kunyit
• Ma Joly
• Musro
• Stadium Cafe

Here is Bali Eats’ guide to restaurants in Tuban.

The giant Discovery Shopping Mall has parking and provides a wide selection of shops selling luxury goods ranging from surf wear, to watches to electronic goods.

Getting to the accommodation in Tuban from the airport is easy, the closest hotel being the Patra, which is connected to the airport. The main strip of hotels is Jl. Kartika Plaza, a mere 5 minutes by taxi. Most of the hotels have an ocean view allowing you to literally step off a plane, check in and be on the beach within an hour.

The main street in Tuban (Jl. Raya Tuban) is leads from the airport to Kuta and is lined with Indonesian restaurants and warungs from all over the country, plus some large Chinese restaurants favoured by tour groups.




People staying in Tuban have 2 supermarkets to choose from, Supernova on Jl. Raya Tuban and Matahari, located on Kuta Square, which is easier to get to. Jl. Kartika Plaza is lined with restaurants and activities including Bali Slingshot, a fear-inducing ride inside a catapult, or Kuta Paradiso Bowling and Billiard, featuring pool, snooker and a bowling alley, bar and snacks available. Nightlife in Tuban features sports bars, the Musro cabaret show and various other places with live music. For the real party atmosphere you will have to get up to Kuta, which will take 15 minutes to walk or several minutes in a taxi.

Accommodation in Tuban:

Bali Dynasty Resort
Located on Jl. Kartika Plaza. A large family hotel popular with Australians. Expensive if you are just walking up and checking in. Many people get a package included with their airline ticket. Gracie Kelly’s Irish Bar is attached to the hotel.

Bali Garden Hotel
Located on Jl. Kartika Plaza next to the Discovery Shopping Center. A decent standard place with nice garden extending down to the beach. Selection of low-rise rooms and pool. Medium-higher priced.

Bunut Gardens
Located at the end of a quiet street, directly across from the Discovery Shopping Mall, about 1km in from the beach. Bargain place with simple rooms, fan.

Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel
Huge hotel resort located on busy Jl. Kartika Plaza. Direct access to the beach, large pool, fitness center, kid’s activities, etc. Expensive.

Puspa Ayu Bungalows
Located midway down Jl. Puspa Ayu, directly across from the discovery Shopping Mall. The place is quiet and offers budget rooms with either AC or fan.

The Sandi Phala
Located on the beach at the southern end of Tuban, this place offers high-end boutique accommodation, with a nice pool and restaurant. Expensive.

First time arrivals often get dropped of on Jl. Kartika Plaza as it is convenient for the taxi drivers to turn around and head straight back to the airport. You can find budget accommodation in the gangs off of the main streets, but the best collection of budget accommodation ins found on Poppies I & II in Kuta, just 5 minutes by taxi.

All in all Tuban offers a handy place to arrive and stay. The beach are is decent with low trees and beach path at the northern end. There is a huge beach side art market too.

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