Bali Garden Hotel – Tuban, Bali, Indonesia

Bali Garden Hotel –
, Bali, Indonesia


The Bali Garden Hotel is located on busy Jl. Kartika Plaza in Tuban across from Bali Slingshot ( the catapult thing).

Driving time from the airport will be 5-10 minutes and the hotel is located on the beach.

The hotel has a large impressive driveway and parking area and gives the impression of a larger hotel.

Entering the lobby it is immediately noticeable that a strong Balinese influence is present in the design, with a high natural roof supported on palm tree poles.

Plenty of Balinese decoration in the lobby and bamboo furniture.

The rooms come in 3 and 4 storey blocks . Standard rooms face the street and Deluxe rooms face the ocean. There are 8 family rooms and I villa.

The hotel has one restaurant and one swimming pool located next to the beach.

The feeling I get from the hotel is it has been around for some time and gets high occupancy, very popular with Australian families.

All rooms have the same facilities and are clean. They also are all of similar size which is large is comparison with other hotels.




The pool bar is operational as is the beach side pizzeria. The pool is a decent size and is equipped with wooden recliners, chairs and shades.

The Bali Garden Hotel is located on Jl. Kartika Plaza in Tuban and is 5-10 minutes from the airport. The site is on the beach and the hotel is in the middle of the nightlife on Jl. Kartika Plaza. The shopping on Kuta Square is a 1 minute walk.

The style of the hotel is semi-Balinese with natural materials used in construction of the lobby and Balinese style decorations. Rooms are brick with a tiled roof. The atmosphere is of a decently large hotel that is probably 10 years old and does a high level of business, particularly with Australian families. The gardens are pleasant and well kept, the pool area is quite busy and spacious. This hotel isn’t fancy but is comfortable.

Luxury scale:
This first class hotel doesn’t have the shiny quality of a large resort in Nusa Dua, but is well kept and clean. All rooms are 40 sq m and are comfortable and clean with decent amenities.

The hotel has 1 restaurant and 1 pool.

What makes this hotel unique?
This hotel is unique because it is located close to the airport allowing minimal time to be wasted on travelling. It is located on the beach and in the heart of the shopping / nightlife of Jl. Kartika Plaza.

Staff Friendliness:
Mr Mulyani who showed me around was very friendly and the front desk staff seemed polite.

Why would you stay here?
I would stay here if I wanted a pleasant, informal place to relax with a decent level of comfort. If I wanted a place that was on the beach and afforded instant access to bars and restaurants down the street.

Why would you stay somewhere else?
I would stay somewhere else if I wanted to escape the main tourist scene of Tuban / Kuta and if I didn’t fancy the family scene that predominates.

Noise: The hotel is located on a busy street which does have loud outdoor music at night. During the day the noise levels are okay and I think at night inside the room the levels will be fine too. People staying here would probably want a livelier atmosphere anyway.

How does the room feel?
The rooms feel large and spacious. Bathrooms are clean and the rooms are clean and tidy.

The hotel has 1 restaurant, The Coffee Shop serving European and Asian food, a Pizzeria on the beach and a sunken pool bar. There is also a games room, a spa and an internet center. Rooms are 40 sq m and include private balcony or terrace, AC, refrigerator, hair dryer, coffee maker, IDD telephone, bathtub shower, and satellite TV.

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