Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel – Tuban, Bali, Indonesia

Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel
, Bali, Indonesia
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The reception at Discovery is large and impressive, there is a large parking area with security staff. The lobby is made of white marble floor and walls under a dark wood roof.

Concierge and bellboys are located at the front which give the impression of a large hotel that is very spacious, with a busy check in.

In the rear of the lobby to the left is a bar with a great view overlooking the open air dining area, the swimming pool and the beach.

The lobby furniture consists of attractive banana leaf armchairs. The lobby also has a fancy gift shop and a Balinese lady making sarongs on a tradition loom.

Two large flight of stairs either side of the lobby take you down to the restaurant which comes in 3 sections. The first is completely inside, the second underneath an open-sided roof and the third completely open air. The whole restaurant area is ringing by a horse-shoe shaped pond with fish.

Rooms extend back towards the beach either side of restaurant and pool. These are blocks of 4 storeys and also have another side that faces the garden.

Heading back towards the beach you will pass the Tepan Noodle restaurant on the right side.

Trees decorate the grounds and there are some pretty decent palm trees very tidy bushes, plants.

Around the pool are some modern looking plastic recliners and there is a good amount of room around the pool. Cement tiled floor around the pool with large fish statues spouting water into the pool.

I talked to a couple of waitresses who returned smile and chatted in a very village style manner with me. They said they liked working at Discovery and the manager was cool.

Poolside restaurant sits under a natural roof . The restaurant is surrounded by a grassy area that is complete with loungers. Between the grass and the beach is a sandy area which is enclosed by the beach wall. There is some art stuff on the sand area but the place isn’t overrun with vendors. At high tide the beach is very large. There is about 60 meters between the beach wall and the waters edge. The length of the hotels beach front is about 100 meters.

Along the grassy area are a few small circular sun shades with grass roofs with rattan chairs and tables which makes relaxing close to the water easy.

Behind the pool area and the massage bale’s is a kids play ground with swings, slide, pingpong table, giant chess board and a beach volleyball court.

There are a few massage bale’s and also bale’s set up with Japanese style low tables and regular western seating.




To the left side of the hotel is another block of 4 storey rooms located behind the La Cucina restaurant. Rooms also face outwards onto a more expansive garden which is tidy but not overly inspiring.

There are also 6 villas next to the rear tennis courts (2)

The stairways and walkways in between the rooms are clean and tidy and one part is decorated with an assortment of different colored stones.

The doors are made of a good quality wood and there is wood paneling along the wall. Wooden railings all along and the place looks like it’s relatively new. They have spent some money to give those extra touches and it has been maintained. The overall effect is that you get a clean, well maintained, modern place.

The restaurant behind the lobby is called the Pond Café (with the 3 sections) .

Rooms to the right of the lobby are in 4 storey blocks and have a central garden and the one on this side isn’t as attractive as the one on the right side of the hotel. There is a central bale and some electrical boxes as well.

There are elevators in this hotel.

Throughout the hotel the color scheme is a cream colored marble and dark wood finishing including some of the staircases which look good.

In the rear of the lobby on the ground floor is a Balinese art vendor and upstairs at the back of the lobby is a lady who is actually weaving sarongs.

Behind the Concierge desk across from Reception is a flashy gift shop and adjacent to that is the Business Center.

The Discovery is located on busy Jl. Kartika Plaza in Tuban which is 1 mile from the airport. This is great for people just arriving on a long flight and gives great access to Kuta shopping and nightlife. The Discovery is located on the beach itself.

The atmosphere is of a larger hotel almost like a chain, a kind of Sheraton type place. The way the front office staff are dressed in trendy / Balinese clothing and their polite ?jump to it’ attitude shows you that they are conscious of the appearance and they want to keep it neat and tidy and ?corporatey’.

The way the rooms are stacked in very rectangular 4 ?story blocks tells you that the hotel has got some capacity and this place can seem busy when a lot of those rooms are occupied probably. On the day I visited the hotel didn’t seem busy at all apart from the lobby area.

The grounds are decently well kept and looked after. The swimming pool a large roughly horse-shoe shaped free-form pool with a large pool-bar that was operating when I visited. The swimming pool is about 30 meters from the beach.

Luxury level:
Without being a resort the luxury level seems pretty decent, the pool looks nice, the grounds are tidy and lush, the lobby is fairly impressive with a concierge, bellboy service etc. Staff seems like they are attentive and professional. The hotel is rated as 5 star.

Rooms are clean, modern and large. I’d have to say that the Superior rooms at Discovery rate as some of the largest Superior rooms I’ve seen in Bali. Bathrooms are clean and pleasant and the wooden paneling and varnished dark wood rails along the walk ways give that extra touch of quality.

What makes this hotel unique?:
You get the feeling you are staying in a Sheraton-like place, you are close to the airport, right on the beach and close to the tourist nightlife.

Rates are reasonable too.

Weird stuff:
In the rooms located behind the La Cucina restaurant the walkways are decorated with triangular pattern of stones, which is unique and cool.

Why would you stay here?:
I’d stay here if I wanted that big hotel feel and the extras that go along with it like a nice pool and pool-bar, TV, AC and restaurants on the premises. This place would be great for someone who wanted to relax as a priority with minimal moving travelling involved.

Why would you stay somewhere else?:
Guest houses only a mile away are much cheaper so if budget was a concern I’d go there. A full on resort down there in Nusa Dua will give you all the extras like Spa, sports club etc.

Noise: While Jl. Kartika Plaza is a busy street the closest rooms are at least 100 meters away and I didn’t hear any traffic noise while in the hotel.

Amenities: Rooms have large area, clean modern bathrooms, hot water, shower, bath tub, TV, AC, mini bar. Hotel has 3 restaurants, 2 bars, pool bar. The Business Center and Conference rooms make this a great hotel for companies.

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