About Bali Blog

Bali Blog is part of the BootsnAll Travel Network. Updated daily, it aims to be the complete resource for planning a trip to this wonderful place. My name is Nick and I write about my life in Bali, and some of the interesting things I get up to.

Moving to Bali on Jan 1st 2003, right after the Kuta bombings, I saw that the island was quiet and in need of a helping hand. By posting accounts of my daily successes, failures and lessons, I hoped to entertain, inform, help and otherwise inspire people to come to Bali.

Living in Bali has been an education, not just in language and culture, but also in self evaluation. The Balinese way of life is very different from life in the west, so living in harmony with one’s new environment takes a time and in fact, some long term expats never manage it. Living in Bali means a ceremony can be taking place outside my house, a beautiful girl will lay offerings outside my door each day, and stop to say a prayer, people enjoy greeting others with a smile and have time to talk. Grasping that and focusing on that helps me to stay positive and enjoy all Bali offers.

Baliblog aims to be the ultimate Bali guide for culture, day tours, accommodation, shopping, nightlife, eating out, spas, property, surfing, scuba diving and much more. With over 1,000 photos of Bali and its people, Baliblog brings it home to the viewer, in a way generic villa sites can’t match