Warung Mimpi: Seminyak Bali

warung mimpiWarung Mimpi is a little Indonesian food place located on Jl. Dhyana Pura. I often go there for a couple of reasons. The food is quite good, portions are large and I can pick from the items on display, getting my plate within 2 minutes. My friend Chimene and I went over this afternoon and Chimene really loaded up. I tell you, when you look at all that nice food laid out, your eyes are bigger than our belly. For me its always 1 meat item, 1 veg item and rice. Today I had green beans and chicken in a light curry sauce. Warung Mimpi, which means ‘dream’, is open from 10am-10pm.

The ready food menu is as follows:

Goreng Terung (fried eggplant with sambal) for 3,000rp

Sayur (vegetable of the day) for 3,000rp

Pergedel Kentang (spicy potato croquette) for 3,000rp

Pergedel Jagung (sweet corn fritter) for 3,000rp

Tahu atau Telur Rebus (tofu or boiled egg in spicy coconut sauce) for 3,000rp

Tempe Goreng (fried tempe) for 3,000rp

Tempe Manis (Tempe with sweet soy sauce) for 3,500rp

Tahu Campur (tofu, potato, tempe) for 4,000rp

Ayam Pelalah (tangy, shredded chicken salad) for 8,000rp




Udang Bumbu Pedas (prawns with green beans, spicy sauce) for 8,500rp

Tuna Kari (mild curry of fresh tuna with tumeric) for 8,500rp

Rendang (traditional beef dish from west Sumatra) for 9,000rp

Nasi Putih (steamed rice) 3,000rp

Krupuk (shrimp cracker) 1,500rp

The cook to order is as follows:

Gado Gado (steamed vegetables with peanut sauce) for 18,000rp

Pepes Jamur (spicy steamed mushrooms with steamed rice, salad / vegetables) for 17,000rp

Kari Ambu-Ambu (mild curry of fresh tuna with tumeric with steamed rice, salad / vegetable) for 20,000rp


Sate Ayam (marinated chicken grilled over coconut charcoal, with steamed rice, salad / vegetable & sauce) for 20,000rp

Kari Ayam (spicy coconut milk chicken curry with steamed rice, salad / vegetable) for 20,000rp

Babi Kecap (pork in chili sweet sauce, with steamed rice, salad / vegetable) for 20,000rp

Cap Cay Mimpi (stir fried vegetables for 18,000rp, with chicken, beef, pork for 20,000rp, with prawn for 22,000rp, all served with steamed rice).

Nasi Goreng Mimpi (fried rice with satay, fried egg and krupuk) for 20,000rp

Mie Goreng (fried Indonesian egg noodles with vegetables for 18,000rp, with chicken, beef, pork for 20,000rp, with prawn for 22,000rp

Desserts – including Fresh fruit platter for 15,000rp

Warung Mimpi also serves Soft Drinks, Fresh Juices, Milk Shakes, Iced Drinks, Hot Drinks, Beer and Wine.

Warung Mimpi
Jl. Dhyana Pura

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    We live in Holland, and we know the Indonesian kitchen very well because my husband is half castIndonesian, but this was madness, very good.
    We especially recommend the \

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