Padang Padang’s paradise beach

padangPerfectly quiet beaches are getting harder to find, particularly with new villas projects and resorts positioning themselves overlooking white sand beaches and giving themselves private access. People staying in Kuta may find the crowds and beach vendors on Kuta Beach a little too much. The Bukit peninsula has many small secluded beaches that are untouched by tourism. One of the largest is located between the surf breaks of Uluwatu and Padang Padang. This 500 meter stretch of beach usually has no tourists, no vendors and no hassles.

padangAround the point to the left is Uluwatu, around the next point is Padang Padang. You could actually walk around during low tide. For this article we’ll refer to the beach as Ulu-Padang. The beach has decent sand, with a coral reef protecting the beach from big waves. When the tide is out it might not look so great, but when the tide is in you’ll be able to swim. This is Bali so remember to proceed with care as currents can be strong. Bring plenty of sunscreen and a hat. The only shade is the densely packed trees at the back of the beach.

Distance from Kuta:
Ulu-Padang is a 25 minutes trip from Kuta.

How to get there:
Take the Bypass towards Nusa Dua, either take the Uluwatu turnoff, or turn right at the McDonalds in Jimbaran. Go up the hill, past GWK, past the intersection, past Dreamland, taking the right hand turn at Pecatu (the Bingin turnoff). Follow that around for 10 minutes till you see a sign for Thomas Homestay. Take the stone steps down (2 minutes).


Nearest food and drinks:
Thomas Homestay at the top of the cliff.

Nearest accommodation:
Thomas Homestay well as other places either side. Thomas is the cheapest with great views.

The road is good all the way to the entrance to Thomas Homestay. You can drive into and park at Thomas Homestay.

There are petrol racks all over the Bukit area, probably one every 100 meters in populated areas. The is also a petrol station close to GWK.

Who is this beach good for?
People who want an unspoilt Balinese beach, with no other tourists.

Who is this beach not good for?
Surfers, people wanting to swim safely in the presence of lifeguards, people wanting creature comforts.




yeye'sNearest warung other than the one on the cliff is Yeye’s Warung & Gift Shop. Yeye’s is located on the road between Padang Padang & Uluwatu. The cute looking roadside place seems like a cool spot to stop for a break and the staff are quite friendly. Yeye’s is open daily from 12pm – 12am, the menu is as follows:

Drinks – including small Bintang for 11,000rp

Starters – including Beer Battered Calamari served with Thai sauce for 15,000rp

Salad – including Greek Salad for 19,000rp

Soups – including Creamy Pumpkins Soup, with garlic bread for 15,000rp

Main Courses – including Fish & Chips for 28,000rp

Indonesian Favourites – including Grilled Fish in banana leaf for 25,000rp

Thai Special Dishes – including Spicy Chicken Breast fried with basil for 24,500rp.

Indian Curry – including Beef Curry for 29,000rp

Pasta Time – including Yeye’s Fusilli for 27,000rp

Pizza – including Pizza Mafioso (ham, mushroom, onions) for 27,000rp

Jaffles – including Cheese & banana / peanut butter for 17,000rp

Burgers – including Fish burger for 27,000rp

Sandwiches – including Fish, cheese salad on ciabatta bread for 27,000rp

Dessert – including Banana Split for 19,500rp

For a family heading down to Ulu-Padang for the afternoon, Yeye’s might be a good stop of point before or after for a snack and a cool drink.

Yeye’s Warung & Gift Shop
Padang Padang Beach
Jl. Labuansait Pecatu
(0361) 742 4761

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