Klungkung Bali: What’s of interest?

In the center of Klungkung at the main roundabout, is Taman Gili (Island Garden). This impressive place, complete with decorated bales and ponds, contains 3 important places, Kerta Gosa, Bale Kambang and the Semarapura Museum.

Taman Gili was built in 1710 and is the only surviving part of the old palace. Besides the royal courts at Kerta Gosa, the ‘floating pavilion’ or Bale Kambang, the large gateway, between the inner and outer courts, and the kulkul bell tower, are still intact.

Legend surrounds this place including the story about 2 craftsmen who dreamed of half of a gianlt gateway. They eventually met and together, built the gateway at Taman Gili.

Kerta Gosa:
In the front corner of Taman Gili, next to the street, is Kerta Gosa, an opened sided bale structure. Kerta Gosa was used by the king and his priests, later as a law court. The ceiling of Kerta Gosa is famous as the decorations are Kamasan (wayang) paintings of crime and punishment. One can imagine the criminal cowering before the judges, peering up at the paintings.

Bale Kambang:
Situated in the middle of Taman Gili, is Bale Kambang, the bale surrounded by ponds, with decorative paintings off Balinese astrology. The story of Pan & Men Brayut is also shown. Bale Kambang was originally used for royal tooth filing ceremonies.




Semarapura Museum:
Semarapura Museum houses a selection of objects from Balinese history, including kris, pieces from ancient monuments, textiles and photos.

Taman Gili (open daily 7am-5.30pm)
Entrance fee: 5,000rp

Kamasan Village & Art Center:
Just 1km south east of Klungkung, the village of Kamasan is the center of classical wayang, puppets style painting. The Arts Center was opened in 2001 and offers programs from 1-7 days. Tourists can learn the arts, including gamelan, silver work and painting.
(0361) 462611

Gunarsa Museum:
Collection of Balinese artwork and work of the founder, Dr. Nyoman Gunarsa. Located just beyond Takmung, to the west of Klungkung.

Gong making at Tihingan:
Located west of Klungkung, the quiet village of Tihingan is a center for gong making. You can check out the manufacturing process by strolling in. You might decided to buy a gong to shop home. Hopw many people in your neigborhood have a gong?

Klungkung market:
Klungkung has a huge covered market located in the middle of town. You can buy textiles, batik, ikat, songet, baskets, artwork and other items to take home.

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