Gunarsa Museum of Classical & Modern Art: Klungkung Bali

Also known as Museum Seni Lukis Klasik Bali, the Gunarsa Museum of Classical & Modern Art, is located in the town of Klungkung. The museum was founded by Dr. Nyoman Gunarsa, who was himself a Balinese painter.

Gunarsa’s studio remains in the museum, and his works are on display in the western building. Gunarsa’s works range from abstract, to paintings of musicians and Balinese dancers. His works use bright colors and also feature scenes from Balinese daily life.

Gunarsa was born in the nearby village of Banda, and originally started the museum as part of his bhaktiyoga (service) to the art world. The museum has a large collection works by Balinese contempory artists, as well as art from temples that were in the process of renovation.




Stone and wood statues occupy the main building as well as classical works from the 17th-19th century. The upstairs section has traditional Balinese artwork, historical items, furniture, masks, sculptures, embroidery. These pieces often use the Ramayana and Mahabharata as their theme. A collection of gamelan instruments is used by Balinese school children to practice, music and dance.

Directions: From Kuta take the Bypass to Sanur, hang a right onto the Kusamba Bypass. Head to Klungkung and the museum is 5km to the west of town. The entrance of the museum is behind the Trimurti statue surrounded by policemen statues.
Driving time from Kuta: You’re probablt looknig at 1 hour 30 mins.
Opening hours: Daily 9am-5pm
Entrance fee: 10,000rp
Guide book: Yes, 60,000rp
Food & drinks: Cafeteria attached


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