Yeh Gangga Bali: Where to stay

Yeh Gangga beach is 10km SW of Tabanan. The attraction of this area is natural beauty, with rice fields leading down to the
beach, volcanos in the distance and a rugged, empty coastline.

Yeh Gangga beach, like many of the beaches on the SW coast, is not suitable for swimming, due to the currents and lack of any emergency services. When its low tide, the beach is quite wide and easy to walk on, there are not many places to buy food / drinks, although Yeh Gangga beach itself has a few very basic places.




Places to stay in Yeh Gangga include Bali Wisata Bungalows , and the expensive Waka Gangga . Bibi’s (081 361 0914)is another small place, that is located at Pusat Beach, to the west of Yeh Gangga. This is the simplest and cheapest option.

Staying in Yeh Gangga, renting a scooter and slowly exploring the countryside, meeting locals etc. would be a lovely way to go. This area has a touch of East Bali, slow paced and removed from the tourist scene.

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