Yan’s Cafe: Tuban Bali

yan's cafe baliFunny how once in a while you get a blast from the past. Today while checking out places in Tuban, I wandered past the first hotel I stayed at in Bali, or at least, when I moved here on Jan 1st 2003. I remember arriving in Bali, loaded down with gear, a rolled up sign under my arm and enough Bootsnall t-shirts to start a stall. Catching a taxi from the airport, I ended up at the cheapest place on main street Kartika Plaza, Yan’s. Back then I paid 100,000rp a night and thought that was good, until I checked out Poppies Lane. Passing by today I asked the prices, which were 175,000rp for an AC room and 125,000rp for a fan room.

If I had a choice I would stay somewhere else, but for a weary traveler, just arrived and not knowing the lay of the land, it will do. Food and services are all around. Yan’s also has a restaurant and small internet cafe.

Yan’s menu is as follows:

Appetizers – including Calamari Fritti (marinated squid, deep fried and served with salad) for 22,500rp.

Soup – including Chicken Corn Soup (shredded chicken with sweet corn) for 16,500rp.

Indonesian / Asian Favourites – including Sate Campur (grilled or skewered beef, chicken and pork meat, topped with peanut sauce, served with home made pickles & crackers) for 22,000rp.




Pasta – including Spaghetti Bolognese for 25,000rp

Pizza – including Pizza Generoza (tomato, mozzarella cheese, garlic, onion, oregano) for 31,000rp.

Main Courses – including Pan Fried Skin Snapper Fillet (Served with sauteed vegetable, potato wedges and tomato and basil mayo) for 39,000rp.

Sandwiches / Burgers – including Club Sandwich for 26,500rp.

Dessert – including Caramelized Balinese Banana (had to laugh at this one!) served with ice cream, for 21,500rp.

There is also a breakfast menu, which starts at 8am. The restaurant is open till 10pm.

Yan’s Cafe
Jl. Kartika Plaza

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