Watersports in Lovina Bali

Located on the north coast on Bali, Lovina enjoys warner water than the south coast and way less waves. Perfect for some leisurely watersports.

Lovina has a selection of dive centers, offering trip to Menjangan island to the west and Tulamben to the east. Local watersports can be located at ‘Spice Beach‘, owned and operated by Spice Dive (0362) 41969, in Kaliasem. Services offered include banana boat rides, parasailing, waterskiing, wake-boarding and knee-boarding. The banana boat needs a minimum of 4 people. The restaurant on site is called Cafe Spice, and the Spice Girls serve the drinks…joking!




Indiana Massage, located next to Spice Beach, offers paddle boards to hire.

The Kubu Lalang Restaurant, in Tukad Mungga (0362) 42207, offers spearfishing, fishing and sailing. Be sure to negotiate and check out more than one place, as prices change.

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