Warung Nasi Pak Sedan: Ubud Bali

nasi campurIka’s mother requested a visit to Ubud, for reasons I’ll get to later. Ubud is one of my favourite areas, because of the density of artists, great Balinese ceremonies, great places to eat and lovely scenery. On the way into Ubud I asked them where they wanted to eat. Ika has been to Ubud before and likes Casa Luna. They said they wanted nasi campur (mixed rice), which is harder than you’d imagine in Ubud. Downtown is loaded with restaurants, aimed at tourists. They often serve good food, but its a million miles away from the ‘point and get’ nasi campur shop. Ika remembered us passing a place before, and directed me to it. Located at the very southern end of Jl. Hanuman and around the corner, the Warung Nasi Pak Sedan, was busy with Balinese locals.

I went through the kitchen towards the rear of the place, which was somebody’s house. On the way I passed piles of garlic and other stuff, in the process of being chopped up and prepared. One guy was wearing the bottom half of what looked to be a policeman / official’s uniform, plus the peak hat. He was sitting there peeling vegetables.




We all asked for nasi campur, which means the staff will assemble a plate of items. A certain amount excitement goes with this, as you are not totally sure what you’ll get. Mine had rice, various bits of meat, eggplant, a bit of vegetable, hot sambal and Balinese salty spices. I was quit pleased with mine and will go back sometime. The cost for all 3 meals, plus 3 drinks was 27,000rp.

Warung Nasi Pak Sedan is located close to the petrol station, just south of Ubud in Pengosekan.

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