Tenganan to Tirtaganga hike

Exploring Bali means adopting varied forms of transport, from car, motorbike, bemo, to boats, bicycles and ‘shank’s pony’ (walking). Hiking trails are all over the island, and actually you can make your own hiking trails, don’t wait for a guidebook to tell you.

Flicking through a travel book I read about a nice 3 hour hike from Tenganan to Tirtaganga, that sounds like something I should check out. Many people spend a few days in Padangbai or Candi Dasa and Tenganan is between those 2 places. The hike starts at the Tenganan village gate. From the village a stone paved path leads to a temple complex and then towards to forest. A wall indicates the start of the 30 minute hike to the school at Gumung (“demana sekola Gumung?”) if you’re lost).

At Gumung Kajayou can observe locals making woven baskets, using the stems of the ata, which is a type of palm tree.




At the Pura Puseh temple sweeping panoramas are revealed includeing views of Gunung Seraya and Gunung Lempuyang in the far corner of SE Bali.

A hillside warung a bit further up gives you the chance of a kopi Bali or a bottle of water, whatever your preferance. The view from here overlooks rice fields, you will pass a dam and ricefield shrine, before crossing a shallow river.

Passing through the village of Kastala, you will head towards the man road and the village of Bebandem. Head north on the mian road to Budakling, a metal smithing village, where a lava trail signals your route to Tirtaganga along country roads. This hike would be lovely at first light, meaning you’d get to Tirtaganga at 9.30-10am. If you have a driver, tell him to wait for you at Tirtaganga, or alternatively go for the adventure and navigate your way back to Tenganan by using local bemo.

This is one hike I’ll have to check out when I get back.

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