Suena Handicraft: Carved faces in Tegallalang Bali

suena handicraftRiding back down the main street in Tegallalang, towards Denpasar, after visiting Putna Sari, I saw a unique shop, selling faces carved out of tree trunks. Most of the carvings in Bali, seem to be complete faces / figures, but these ones were carved out of the bark of a tree, which was still visible. The owner of the shop, Suena from Bali, told me her husband did all the carving and she looked after the shop. She said business was good, with many orders from America and Australia. The wood is all pine and a large carved face, 3ft tall costs 90,000rp. A smaller 2ft tall carving is 40,000rp and a 1ft carving of a horse, cat, person etc, is 10,000rp.

Suena is open from 8am-5pm daily. Custom work can be done and Suena said I could have my face put onto a carving. Don’t think so!




Suena Handicraft
Jl. Raya Sapat

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