Services in Candi Dasa

Candi Dasa has motorbike and car rental places, an ATM, money changers, some slow internet access, postal services. Candi Dasa is served by Perama Bus, around 35,000rp from Kuta.

Perama Bus:
(0363) 41114
Kuta office – (0361) 751875

You can take this option to get to Candi Dasa, but it will mean you have no transport when you arrive. Your options from that point on with be:
1. Rent a car / motorbike in Candi Dasa.
2. Jump on local bemo’s to get from place to place.
3. Walk
4. Stay close to your hotel.

Car & motorbike rental proceedures and prices are similar to Kuta. You are supposed to have an International Licence, but the renter won’t really care. The cops are the ones who care, and will try to hit you up for money if you don’t have one.

Rentals can be organized by simply walking up to a place and asking. The proceeedure takes about 15 minutes. You can also arrange a driver for the day very quickly, he being a local, with nothing going on that day.

Prices for a Suzuki Katana might be around 75,000rp per day, an old Kijang maybe 130,000rp per day, way more for a newer one, up to 350,000rp per day. Driver will be 50,000rp per day extra.




Motorbike rental per day will be around 40,000rp. Negotiate in all cases.

Bicycles can sometimes be arranged from your hotel at 30,000rp per day. Personally I’m not interested in bicycles for Bali. Main roads are too busy, step inclines are too much hard work and with the blazing sun, who seriously wants to be working up a sweat, just to go to the next village? I tell you if you haven’t been here before, physical exertion in the middle of ther day will tax you severly.

Postal agents:
There are a few located along the main street. Postal agents often sell phone cards, which offer the best rates for calling overseas.

Asri Shop has a poste restante services, which allows you to have mail recieved. The address is;
Post Restante
c/o Asri Shop
Candi Dasa
PO Box 135,

Your hotel will be able to point you in the right direction. Failing that Dr.Wayan Artana, who works at the Candi Dasa Clinik, has a 24 hour service.
(0363)41321, mobile 081 2/390 0447.

Amlapura, Klungkung and Denpasar have hospitals. All major accidents end up going to Sanglah in Denpasar.

There is a wartel (warung telpon) at Kubu Bali Restaurant (daily 8am-11pm).

Perama bus:
The Perama bus office in Candi Dasa, is located close to the police station, on the main road just past Senkidu.

Candi Dasa to: Amlapura – 20 minutes, Denpasar (Batubulan station) – 2 hours, Gianyar – 1 hour, Klungkung – 40 minutes, Padangbai – 20 minutes.

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