Semawang Beach, Sanur Bali

semawang beach baliA somewhat cloudy afternoon in Kuta, continued and allowed me to walk around on the beach at Sanur without a hat. This after I spotted a local Balinese family bathing in the ocean and enjoying themselves. Sanur is one of the best places for families with young kids to enjoy the beach, because the reef a few hundreds meters out, protects the beach from waves, unlike Kuta Beach. Chatting with one of my neighbors outside Stiff Chili restaurant, I learned their pizzas are pretty good. I’ve had the ravioli before which was decent.

corn seller in baliThe beach at Sanur has yellow sand and is used by the local fishermen to park their outriggers. Dive companies also use these boats and water sports are easy to arrange. Resort tourists, which often include honeymoon couples from Europe choose Sanur over Kuta, as it is a quieter area. The street that leads to Stiff Chili is manned by locals asking for a parking fee. This afternoon they were chatting so I cruised on through. This section of beach has a nice pathway, which is great for a morning / afternoon stroll. It doesn’t have the handy low trees of Kuta beach or the volume of vendors.

Close to Stiff Chili a couple guys were selling corn on the cob and peanuts. This is aimed more at the local market than tourists, but a steaming hot corn can be a pleasant snack, if you don’t mind the bits in your teeth. A corn on the cob might set you back 1,000rp, a small packet of peanuts around 500rp. Be sure to haggle though, as you’ll get charged more than locals.




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