Sailing in Jimbaran Bay

Bali has many kinds of watersport activities and one of the most relaxing is sailing. A friend of mine, Ebong is running a sailing operation in Jimbaran Bay. Several years ago I learned to sail a boat on a reservoir in Oregon. Its a blast and handling even a small boat will give you an idea of what its all about.

Here’s what Ebong says about learning to sail in beautiful Jimbaran Bay.

The objective of our courses is to introduce beginners to sailing terminology and procedures, as well as lots of on-water practice of basic sailing skills. We believe that sailing is not just a sport or recreational activity, but also a metaphor about how to approach everyday life

The greatest way for youngsters to learn sailing is by doing so in a boat their own size. The Tjapung 394 dinghy and HobieWave 14‘ catamarans we use for training is simply rigged, stable and easily sailed even by 7 years old kid.

Our home base in secluded Jimbaran bay, provides a safe playground to try many kinds of sailing monouvers, techniques and boat recovery.




    Courses / activities

LI ‘L SKIPPER ( 40 min of sailing with a crew, min 5 yo + ) $7
JR SKIPPER ( 2 hrs of sailing w/ an instructor + 1 hr theory. 7 yo +) $20
SOLO SKIPPER . 2 days course ( 2 hrs + 1 hrs theory / day ). $35
BAY SKIPPER 3 days intensive course. $50
ADVANCE, RACE AND REGATTA courses. Pls inquire

    Boat rental by hour

CANOE, $ 7
ZODIAC 15hps, $ 12

Free shuttle van for group, min of 4 pax, ph: 0361-708473, hp:

081337242477, email OR visit “BOAT HOUSE” sailing centre, Donganan beach, Jimbaran bay.

Getting to Jimbaran from Kuta takes about 15-20 minutes, on the Bypass, heading towards Nusa Dua.

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