Ramayana Shopping Mall Denpasar Bali

Ramayana Shopping mall is a place most westerners don’t visit. But a trip to Denpasar might take you past this past. If you head north on Jl. Tueku Umar and keep going, taking the compulsory left turn, onto Jl. Diponegoro, you will see the large orange-brick Ramayana Mall on the right hand side.

Why would you go to Ramayana Mall?
To get cheap eye test and glasses, cheap clothing, or just to check out a local Indonesian department store.

What can you get at Ramayana Mall?
Cheap food, clothing, glasses, household goods, books, new motorbike, Pizza Hut, mobile phones, haircut.

When is Ramayana Mall open?
Ramayana Mall is open daily from 9.30am-10pm.

There is parking for cars (1,000rp) and motorbikes (500rp).

Next to the motorbike parking area are a line of ATMs, wartel, kunci (key shop), furniture and bed stalls.

1st Floor:
The 1st floor at Ramayana features a large area, selling a selection of cheap local clothing, the kind of place my wife and her sister would love to dig through. There is a selection of the latest Honda motorbikes in bright colors. Optik Seis is an optician with a wide selction of frames, including Calvin Klein for just over 1m rp. The staff told me they can do eye tests onsite, free if you buy a pair of glasses. New pairs take a week, but for single focus lenses, it can be as little as 1 hour if they have the lenses in the shop.

Optik Seis
Mal Bali (Ramayana)
Lantai Dasar
Jl. Diponegoro
(0361) 246182

Open from 10am-9pm




Countet Sports & Music, combines the 2 subjects in its very visible space. As well as running machines and exercise equipment, they sell a decent range of electric guitars, keyboards, drums and accoustic guitars. I bought a pack of nylon guitar strings for 50,000rp. A Yamaha classical guitar was going for 1,030,000rp.

Counter Sports & Music
Duta Ayu Bali Lt. Dasar
Jl. Diponegoro #103
(0361) 243843

On the 1st floor there are also small cosmetic and bread stalls.

The place westerners will probably like the most is Pizza Hut, although let me warn you that what you get, is more like warm bread with sauce and food items scattered on top. At least that was what I had at the Kuta one.

2nd Floor:
The whole of the 2nd floor is set up like one sprawling Matahari Department store, with cheap clothing, spilling out from everywhere. You can buy a new shirt for 29,000, cargo pants for 49,000rp.

3rd Floor:
The 3rd floor has a large food court area stretching 50 meters down one side. You can smell the place before you see it, by the cinnamon rolls. The food court is about 50 meters long, with many small stalls, brightly colored, selling Indonesian dishes. My rice, vegetable and beef in sauce was 21,000rp and was quite nasty. I think you’d have to experiment a little to get something to your taste. The largest food stall is CLS, which as well as a buffet type display, serve orange squash, Milo, Nestle capuccino, blackcurrent and iced tea.

One of the stalls is called Kare Jepang Samurai. They serve curry and rice, curry and spaghetti, curry and vegetable. Prices are all around 13,000rp.

Next to the food court is Pasar Swalayan, which is loaded with basic supermarket type goods, plus clothes, durable goods, rice cookers etc.

Also on the 3rd floor is Guardian apotek (pharmacy) Onix photo booth and a cell phone stall. Serba 5000 sells drinks and cheap goods. There is also a small fruit and veg market.

4th Floor:
Toko Gunung Agung is a large book store, that stocks a good selction of Indonesian and English language books, including best sellers and western business books. I bought a pad of paper and a pen for about 18,000rp. They also sell office equipment / furniture.

Zone 2000 is a loud amusement arcade popular with Balinese kids. It is located next to Zenith Cellular and Sakura DVD (pirated).

Bali Shinju reflexolgy sits in a tucked away location and in front of the DVD shop is a small photo booth, 7,500rp for 2 photos. DeKubu is a fairly large bowling alley (its amazing what you find in an Indonesian shopping mall!) .

The 4th floor also features 2 salons situated next to each other, Guh Wijaya Negara and Yopie. Guh Wijaya Negara does a haircut for 9,000rp.


The atmosphere at Ramayana Mall is part low-end shopping mall in Melbourne, and part fun fair, with families and kids (Indonesian) enjoying their shopping experience.

When I asked in Optik Seis if many ‘bules’ (foreigners) came by, I was told ‘Many, Australians’. For a few things, (glasses, a cheap guitar, strings, new motorbike, cheap clothes, quick snack, cell phone, DVD’s, etc. Ramayana can be a handy 1 stop shop.

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