Pengastulan: North Bali

Just south of the coastal village of Seririt is the town of Pengastulan. You have probably drove through it at one time or another on your travels in Bali.

Like most towns in Bali, the prominent wide tree-lined streets of Pengastulan are a pleasure to drive down, and, the usual array of shops and warungs are scattered here and there.




What I was after was a place to get some tucker and after crossing the bridge over the dirty river, I found myself in the northern part of town. A collection of warungs selling Javanese food tweaked my stomach's interest. It was strange when I entered warung Oji Dumeh, it was as if they had never seen a westerner!. I settled down and enjoyed a sizeable plate of Nasi Padang while chatting with the locals.

Although at the time I only stayed in Pengastulan a few hours, I reckon I'll return for another visit and check-out this interesting place. Pengastulan is truly a great place to stopover on your way to Lovina in the east, or, to take the north coastal road to Gilamanuk.

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