Pasir Putih beach: East Bali

Of all the beaches in Bali, the one that fullfills the vision of a tropical beach the best, is Pasir Putih in East Bali. Guide books are starting to mention it, but in 2003, when I first visited, there were virtually no other tourists.

What Pasir Putih offers is an almost pristine white sand beach, with little development, in a tropical setting. Here’s the nuts and bolts.




Pasir Putih
Where is it?
Its located off of the main road in Perasi, East Bali.
How do you get there?
Drive East from Kuta towards Sanur. Take the Kusamba Bypass to East Bali. Follow the coastal road past Candi Dasa. When you come to Perasi, slow down and ask locals for ‘Pasir Putih’.
Driving time fm Kuta: 2.5 hours.
Good driving up to the access road. When you find the narrow lane, between a row of shops, that leads towards the beach, the road quickly gets worse. Follow the paved road to a toll booth and pay a few thousand rp for entry. Keep going down healily rutted dirt track, keeping to the right side. After 10 minutes you will arrive at the beach.
Yes, at the beach.
Yes. Plenty of trees behind the beach. On the beach you have to sit over to the left side, in the sahade of the cliff, or use one of the umbrellas that have recently been installed.
Until a year or so go there was only one shack selling drinks / nasi goreng. Now there are more.
What else is on the beach?
The beach is a village fishing beach. Boats are parked over on the right of the beach.
How big is the beach?
The beach is about 400 meters wide.
Can you swim there?
Any other water sports?
You might try snorkeling from a boat.
Dangers & annoyances:
Currents can be strong. Be careful if you go swimming alone. The few beach vendor will sit next to you, wherever you go.
Closest accommodation:
The closest is the small collection of guest houses in Jasri, to the east, which include Kangkung Cottages. Keep going east to Ujung and you will find another string of guest houses along the coast, including Seraya Shores.

If you head west from Pasir Putih you have a wide selection of places to stay in Candi Dasa.
Who is Pasir Putih good for?
Pasir Putih is good for people who are looking for the perfect beach. People who want tropical relaxation, and who have time on their hands. Good for families, couples, adventurous people.
Who is Pasir Putih not good for?
Pasir Putih is not good for people in a hurry, people who don’t like leaving the Kuta area, people who like shopping, a selection of foods, and creatures comforts.

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