Mustique: Carved bowls in Peliatan Bali

carved platesPeliatan is another Balinese village lined with shops selling similar type goods, this time carved items. Along the main street, Jl. Raya Andong, I stopped into one place at random, to check out their goods. Mustique is a cute little shop, with stuff I’d actually like, if I had a bigger house. I met the owner, Kadek, who told me about his products, which include massive carved bowls, plates, sushi trays, Japanese soup bowls and other attractive stuff. Kadek told me his cousin makes the items locally and he runs the shop. The business card carries the name ‘Araya’ but the shop is called Mustique, opening daily from 8.30am-5pm.

Spotting some lovely thick, dark bowls, I asked Kadek how they were made. He told me most of the large bowls are made of mango wood, with cinnamon wood inside. They also can add, fernwood, cracking white coco wood, black coco wood, airdine white coco wood, airdine black coco wood. I’ve never heard of half of these woods, but these guys do a very nice job, whatever they are using. With a large bowl I looked at, they had used sago wood, with palm wood. Kadek said the small Japanese soup bowls are made of teak wood (kayu jati), but its hard to come by in large pieces, so they go with other stuff for the big pieces. Large, dark bowls are made with mango wood. A set of 3 bowls is 350,000rp, a 3ft diameter bowl is 325,000rp, a set of 18 inch diameter plates is 465,000rp. Custom orders can be handled.




Kadek told me he had 3 prices: Retail price, normal price and business price. The way this is defined is, a purchase of 1 piece, gets you retail price, buying several mixed pieces gets you normal price and choosing several pieces of a similar group, gets you business price. There is roughly a 10% difference in levels of pricing.

Jl. Raya Andong

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