Mayong Tailors: Seminyak Bali

mayong tailorsMayong is located on Jl. Dhyana Pura (Abimanyu) in Seminyak, across from Circle K. This small shop features items for men and women, including formal dresses, business suits, and men’s suits. According to their business card “Our service is more than smile.” They offer suits, jackets, vests, pants, dresses, tops, shirts, leather jackets, leather pants, leather vests. The shop is open daily from 9am-4pm. Then open from 7pm-9pm. Materials used include wool, cotton, linen, denim, satin, silk, polyester and leather. Prices for garments depend on size and materials, and Mayong promises 24 hour service.

A women’s long dress, made of silk / satin is around 325,000rp. A men’s wool suit is 920,000rp, a wool / polyester suit is around 700,000rp. Credit cards accepted.

I saw some sexy women’s dresses and reckon if you have a design in mind, such as one you found in a magazine, with all the ‘specs’, these guys could probably knock it out for you, for way less than you’d pay in a boutique in Sydney / San Francisco.




Mayong Tailors
Jl. Abimanyu #9

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