Lunch at Warung Kolega in Kerobokan Bali

warung kolegaOne of the top little places for Indonesian food in my neighborhood, is Warung Kolega, on Jl. Petitenget. This warung is simple in design, one can even say no design, as the warung style tables are arranged on a stone floor. It doesn’t matter that this pace isn’t fancy, people come for the food, which consists of a range of meat and vegetable dishes cooked in Javanese style. Today I ate nasi putih (plain rice), sawi (green vegetable), ikan sambal (a fish steak with sambal sauce), ayam (chicken) and sambal terung (eggplant in sambal sauce). For my drink I took a teh panas (hot tea), the total bill was 16,000rp.

Warung Kolega is popular with Indonesians and expats alike (good food and a good price). Its location on Jl. Petitenget (between Ku De Ta and the turn of for Batubelig) means everyday tourists are unlikely to stubble across it. This place will be open daily at around 11am, closed on Sunday. Lunch is the market it serves and if you are staying in Seminyak and are tired of western restaurant food, check out Warung Kolega (blue sign outside).

Warung Kolega
Jl. Petitenget




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