Lovina watersports Bali

Taking to a trip to Lovina, on the north coast, can be a pleasant change from the busy shopping / party scene in Kuta.

One of the things you will notice instantly about Lovina, is the black sand beach and lack of large, crashing waves. The water is also several degrees warmer than on the south coast. This is a great news for divers and snorklers. Although serious divers will only use Lovina as a base, preferering to dive at Pemuteran or Menjangan, Lovina is great for snorkeling.

One of the best ways to go snorkeling, both for afun and safety, is to walk down to the beach and hire a fisherman to take you. Being slightly offshore is actually very relaxing and having the boat right there, means you can relax, knowing your safety is assured. The price will be around 30,000rp.

For people visiting Lovina, who want to arrange scuba diving, Spice Dive has 2 offices, one in Kaliasem, the other in Kalibukbuk, (0362) 41305. Spice Dive also operates Spice Cafe, which provides canoeing and wind surfing.
(0362) 41969

Dive operators in Lovina:

Has outlets on the main road in Lovina.




Main road in Kalibukbuk and at Puri Bagus Hotel
(0362)41084, (0362)25542

Malibu Dive
Many counters, plus outlet next to Malibu restaurant, and another on Jl. Bina Ria.

On main road in Kalibukbuk

At Hotel Permai

Spice Dive
Kaliasem, also in Jl. Bina Ria and Jl. Mawar.
(0362)41305, (0362)41171

Sunrise Dive
Jl. Bina Ria

Wisnu Resort
Main road across turning towards direction of Banyualit.

Spice Dive accommodates paragliding for $15 per session, plus wake-boarding, waterskiing for $20 for 20 minutes. Also featured are banana boat rides.

Sailing, fishing and spear fishing are possible at Kubu Lalang restaurant.
(0362)42207. Negotiate your price, but you will be looking at something like 60,000rp per hour for fishing, 90,000rp per hour for the rest.

Remember to wear a hat, bring your sunnies and splash a handful of sunblock on you, when you take apart in these activities.

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